Can trimming limit control authority? Should I reset my elevator trim when expecting a fight?


I normally trim my elevator for around ~5-10 m/s climb rate with hands-off flight and try to match my elevator/rudder so the little ball gets centered and I’m not spinning.

I’ve noticed though as I was trying to dive onto an enemy during one air superiority point that I couldn’t pitch down nearly as much as I’d expect my plane to do so. I imagine this was due to my elevator trim.

As such, I imagine it will be an obvious yes but googling gives me very little info on combat-flight trimming and I rather ask before logicing myself into a corner, especially since having a upwards pitch is pretty helpful for circling the sector waiting for enemy to show up.

No it shouldn’t limit controls. You can check that installing WTRTI.

I have definitely experienced not having adequate negative control authority, but was able to use trim to achieve it.

I play on console using a controller and have customized my settings, so I always assumed it was just my settings being a little weird and limiting my full control authority to get more sensitivity for small input changes.