Can Sombody Explain To Me How This Is Balanced Putting Russia-Sweden-Germany in The Same Team?

It’s Insane how this keeps happening over and over again, there’s 0.000001% chance of winning against them, if Sweden isn’t with them we might have a chance (CAS,Good MBTs), but what can USA MBTs thats made from Plastic do anything against superior Tanks and SPAAs (flarak,pantsir,ito)

They should never be in the same team, the match should be balanced, no tank in our team got spall liners and good armor except the Great Britain which only gets mostly spall liners in the turret.

The matchmaking should get fixed urgently, i’m done fighting superior teams which get superior missiles,armor,CAS, if u spawn the f16c u can’t do absolutely nothing against 3 super good SPAAs.


I hate when people claim that U.S loses “beciausz U.S players bad”, when the truth is that U.S loses so much because it constantly needs to face all of the best tanks in the game (by far) together… with tanks that are barely mediocre at best.

And worst of all; instead of adding more balanced counterparts, or fixing other nations’ tanks… Gaijin’s “solution” was to nerf Leopard/Strv’s spall liners to the point where they now literally generate more spall than tanks without spall liners.

Except that doesn’t solve any problem, since these tanks still have more than twice the armor effectiveness compared to the Abrams of the rest. This only made them more annoying to play with and unrealistic.

They always do the same.

Instead of adding balanced counterparts for everyone, or fixing everyone’s nerfed and bugged tanks… they add OP tanks without counterparts, and then ruin them by needing them into oblivion.

For example; instead of fixing Leclercs, CR3/2s, Type 10s, Abrams and/or adding new and stronger variants (XLR, SEPV3…) as a counter to 2A7V/122s/BVM/90M, their course of action was to nerf the more capable tanks… just WHY?

There would be no need to artificially nerf tanks if only they bothered to fix the underperforming ones and added balanced counterparts for everyone at the same time.


Totally agree with your statement, and the other counter-argument they find when US mains complain about how bad their tank is, they mention the Reload Buff, that if everyone got a spare 1.2 million sl and 1.200 GE, it’s crazy how they gaslight every US main in this forum, every nation deserve to be looked at (Italy,US,Japan,France…etc) muh… muh reload buff, muh mobility, it’s literally absurd.


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Love how when these things are about Germany it’s ‘hurr durr Germany suffers’’ but when it’s the US then suddenly a single braincell is put to work and realize that circumstances matter.

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thats how it is in this forum, total clowns gaslight u when you claim that your favorite nation is in total disaster but yeah muh US mains whine, but anyways Gaijin gonna another SPAA for Russia soon enough.


Another SPAA, another T series tank for 10.0 or higher and another broken weapon that no other nation gets.


Match maker is random.

You sure your account isn’t hacked? Cause you were far more rational last year.
Calling one of the best tanks in the game “mediocre”… lol

Weird… the only people I see claiming my favorite tech trees are in total disaster are you and Spanish.

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“One of the best tanks in the game”?

What makes M1A2 SEPv2 “one of the best tanks in the game”?

Why exactly would I play this thing over Strv 122B+, Strv 122B PLSS, Strv 122A, Leopard 2A7V or T-80BVM? THOSE are the best tanks in the game.

I think I will take the tanks that have more than twice the armor effectiveness, thanks, xD.

And if I want a faster reload? Then I will go play Type 10 and TKX, which have an even faster reload and which actually have functional hull armor, unlike Mr.350mm KE Abrams.

I find even the Challengers more appealing to play than the Abrams, even on their miserable state. At least their composite modules can take some shots, unlike Mr.350mm KE Abrams here.

Not to mention that 1/3rd of the Abrams front profile is a 50mm thick neck that will lead to full crew death upon being hit.

Same thing goes for the Leclercs. The Leclercs and the Abrams tanks are pointless to be played by someone who already has literally any other nation that isn’t Italy. Even the damn Merkavas have the charm of a trollish survivability and APS in M’s case.

When I boot up War Thunder, and I wonder which Top Tier nation to play, there’s literally NOTHING that makes me want to play the Abrams or the Leclercs.


Because there’s the better part of 2000 tanks in the game that are worse than it.

Those are also SOME of the best tanks in the game…

I don’t understand this parameter.

Tanks are compared to their matchmaking counterparts, not to the… entirety of vehicles in the game.

And when we compare the Abrams to the other Rank VIII MBTs, they are better than the Arietes (wow), and maybe the Leclercs, and… that’s pretty much it. Throw in the Merkavas if you want.

Other than that it’s worse than all other counterparts it has.


The entirety of the game was the parameter given - you quoted it yourself and used it for your examples.

Fingers crossed the top tier decompression actually comes next major. Then meta tanks like 2A7V, BVM and the Swedish thing can be a full BR ahead of everyone else.

That literally makes no sense. Saying that Tiger II (H) is one of the best tanks in the game (for example) isn’t implying that it’s one of the best among ALL of them, it obviously isn’t: it means that it’s one of the best within the range of its matchmaking.

I thought literally anyone would understand this…


M829A2 on a fast low-sound chassis that reloads every 5.3 seconds.
That’s part of the top 10 tanks.
My list even has M1A2 SEPs as #3, cause I much prefer mobility in the current CQC meta.

My top ten tanks with duplicates merged:
1- 2A7V. DM53 out of L/55, Armored enough to stop rounds that aren’t DM53 and M829A2.
2- Strf 122. More armor than 2A7V. Runs M322 ammo [m/95] instead. [This is technically 3 tanks]
3- M1A2 SEP/SEP2. M829A2 on a 5 second load. Hull armor’s the only bad portion of this.
4- ZTZ-99A. Mobility for days. Adequate armor. Slowest reload.
5- T-90M. Armor.
6- 2A5/6.
7- Type 10.
8- VT4A1.
9- M1A2 standard. Ammo and mobility.
10- T-80UK.

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You underestimate war thunder players.

Or they could just be being annoying for the fun of it.


you under estimate the stupidity of Most people and you give people, and WT players way too much credit.

I have that josephs ret@rd blocked… hes… a complete moron. I suggest you do the same, if you value your time and… brain cells (reading his drivel will definitely negatively effect both)

If I had to list every single Rank VIII I had (without merging, since lineups are also a thing), it would look like this:

1- Leopard 2A7V
2- Strv 122B+
3- Strv 122B PLSS
4- Strv 122A
5- T-80BVM
6- T-90M
7- TKX
8- Type 10
9- Challenger 2E
10- Challenger 3 (TD)
11- Leopard 2A6
12- Leopard 2 PSO
13- Leopard 2A5
14- Black Night
15- M1A2 SEP
16- M1A2 SEPv2
17- M1A2
18- Leclerc S.XXI
19- Merkava Mk.4M
20- Merkava Mk.4LIC
21- Merkava Mk.4B

So… yeah. When I boot up War Thunder, and I ask myself which Top Tier tank I play… the Abrams tanks are among the last options. I see no reason why I would play them over any of the tanks above it.

And the only reason why they are not at the very bottom is the recent rate of fire buff, hahahah. It’s literally their only saving grace right now.

Other than that… no spall liners, no hull armor at all, enormous center of mass weakspot, zero survivability…

And if Leclercs didn’t have the “fuel tanks exploded” issue, they would be above the Abrams as well. Unfortunately for them, that matter holds them back by a lot.


Basically sums up my issue with top tier ground at the moment.

This is the same BR as tanks that have literally none of this. Like the Chally 2.

I really hope the decompression comes soon and comes hard. With basically all of your top 5 tanks being at least a full BR ahead of much weaker tanks like the stock Chally 2

You spelled sombody wrong its “Somebody”