Can PC player have a chance to get XM-1 (Chrysler)

As we all know, the XM-1 (Chrysler) is an Xbox-exclusive bundle, so very few players own it. And I was wondering if the officials could launch a limited-time event on one of the days of the year to give players on all platforms a chance to buy this rare vehicle, which would be a positive activity. As far as I know, when Xbox players convert their accounts to PC accounts, they can have both XM-1 versions at the same time, so it’s fair and positive to give all players the opportunity to get both models. It may not matter to some players, but players like me who love War Thunder and spent a lot of time on it would love a chance to get it, what do you think?

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I think that the XM aint the only console only exclusive vehicle, there is also US destroyer and Corsair and A-26.


It’s true, and I am glad to see officals give PC player a chance to get all these exclusive vehicles.

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On the positive side, PC and PS players have their exclusive XM-1 (GM) which XBox players can’t get.

As far as I know when you convert(unlink) your account all the console exclusive vehicles stay on your console account. I’m an ex-PS4 player that unlinked my account from PSN on the first day that we had the option to do it, and my exclusive PSN A-26 stayed on my console account.

Meanwhile console players can’t have access to the vehicles in the Gaijin Market that almost every PC player can get. If you also get their console exclusives then they are in a even worse unfair situation.

I’m against all exclusive content, as I’ve always been, but it has to work both ways. End with all exclusive vehicles for both, meaning that console players should also get access to Gaijin Market vehicles.

There are complex reasons why console players cannot participate in the Gaijin market, such as the fact that they can open boxes at a lower price, which creates an imbalance in the equilibrium price once they join the market circulation. Of course, I don’t think it’s a good decision to exclude Xbox/PS players \ from the Gaijin market, hopefully Gaijin will find a perfect solution in the future.

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It would be very simple if Gaijin decided to use GE as the main currency of the Gaijin Market, console players can only get it from Sony or Microsoft.

What boxes, trophy boxes? Where did you get that “fact”? That’s surely not the reason why console players can’t have access to the Gaijin Market, they don’t have access to Gaijin Store and the currency of Gaijin Market can only be purchased there. Something that could easily be fixed if they either convert GJN to GE as they already do to $, €, etc… or simply use GE as the currency in Gaijin Market.

It’s never a good decision to leave a big part of the playerbase out of something, especially when the solution could be so simple and profitable for everyone, the players, Gaijin, Sony and Microsoft.

Did you know there was a time when there was a problem with the winning rate of trophy boxes? Xbox players can unlock a small number of boxes, break down the camo and get pieces, and cycle through the process to earn a large number of rewards, including special event vehicles,there are still a lot of bug accounts out there。

Console exclusives stay on your PC and console accounts
That’s how I’ve got BOTH XM-1s :)
Somehow I also had both XM-1s while on console, but idk how I managed to get around the gaijin store restrictions on console accounts, think I bought it as a gift or something but haven’t been able to replicate it

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I don’t know or ever heard anything about that. But if it is like you say, then it’s a bug and it has nothing to do with the access of console players to the Gaijin Market. It would be ridiculous to think that console players should be paying for Gaijin’s mistakes or incompetence.

Well, I just told above that my exclusive PS A-26 stayed behind on my console when I unlinked my account from PSN. It was confirmed that exclusive vehicles would not be transfered by Gaijin shop manager gromvoiny at the time.

So you should probably keep a low profile on that.

PlayStation users lost their exclusive, Xbox user didnt loose anything with the transfer so they got all the xbox exclusives then transferred that to a PC account, they would have them on PC and be able to have both XM tanks with out issue. I was going to buy them before transferring to pc but decided against it as it wasnt that important to me.


Sadly, you can’t unless you started on XBOX and then transfered over to PC. I really wish both were available, I think it’s not a good thing to have some vehicles that are console exclusives, but that’s unfortunately the way it is.

As I said, I’ve always been against any type of exclusivity in this game. It really sucks cause not just cause I paid for the PS A-26 Invader and can’t use it except on my old PS4(no, thanks), but also cause it was the best one in terms of payload since you could bring both bombs and rockets, not just bombs like the event A-26.

Yes, so that’s why I wrote this post, I hope to see positive responses from players and get GAIJIN’s attention.

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Microsoft says no.

You paid for it and DID use it, then you made a decision to change your account type over. Don’t make it seem like Gaijin’s fault that YOU made decisions that YOU may regret. Noone forced to change to a PC account in the same way noone forced me to change to a PC account from my Xbox Account. You could have played on PC with your PS account and kept your exclusive.

“It would be very simple” because starting up a marketplace for real world money equivilents between 4 different companies that could charge different amounts for the same currency unit is “simple”. Beyond the fact that those prices are communuty driven. Perhaps it SEEMS simple to you because you may not understand the complexity that would be required in order to make it fair for all people.

Microsoft players can get GE from Gaijin, I did it many a time through the PC store before I switched my account. Is it intended? Don’t know, doesn’t matter much at this point, for me at least.

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You probably have some reading problem cause where did you read me blaming Gaijin for not be able to use my exclusive PS Store A-26? I was the one that posted the conditions that Gaijin made for the unlinking process, when I requested mine I accepted those conditions and I did it on the first day it was available.

There are no GE sales in years and the last one was much before the creation of the Gaijin Market. The GE you mention from a sale on Microsoft has to be the one from vehicle packs, but you can also get it on sale on Gaijin Store or PS Store, so your point doesnt make much sense.
For me it seems simple that in a crossplatform game all players should be treated equally, I can see that you disagree with that, it’s your opinion. As for me, I was a PS4 player when Gaijin Market was announced(before it was implemented) and I’ve been asking for access to it or an alternative since then, we have been promised one which came only in the form of the unlinking account. There were no XBox players then. There is still no alternative for console players(those that can’t move to PC simply cause they don’t have one), and no, lootboxes are not a real alternative. Only Gaijin knows the conditions of their contract with Sony and they won’t disclose them to us, so we can only ask to be treated equally as players and it should be Gaijin to offer a real alternative to console players, not just letting them out of something so big and with such importance in the game nowadays. Let’s not forget that most of this game events are focused on the Gaijin Market.

GJN coins can only be bought from Gaijin in Gaijin Store. If Gaijin used one of the already existing currencies, GE, instead of creating a new one that only they sell, I’m pretty sure that Sony or Microsoft wouldn’t block the access of their players to the Gaijin Market. At the time, Gaijin’s excuse was that you could get GE for free, cause of GE wagers, but I haven’t seen GE wagers in a while, and anyone can also get GJN for free, you simply do a event, sell the vehicle and you have GJN for free.
If I remember well Gaijin Market was implemented in 2018, 6 years ago, and still we have a large part of the playerbase out of it. Can’t think of a more important thing in the game to be changed.

The “GE sale” was a hypothetical example of how one company may have a difference within purchasing when compared to another. Another, possibly better, example would be pack sales between the different companies. PC, Playstation, and Microsoft do not share the same sales at the same time. I know this because I had personally missed out on pack sales as an Xbox player before I made the switch.

If you think a couple paragraphs gives you enough insight to assume you know my belief systems, you are incorrect. Please don’t assume you know anything about me unless I actually say it. It helps me by preventing misundersrandings, and helps you by making sure you aren’t wrong when you say things about me.

It SEEMS simple, when you are dealing with legal/financial policies, laws, national business practices, and other business issues it isn’t simple to be fair to all. I think things should be as FAIR as possible, but I realise that fair doesn’t mean equally the same in every circumstance. What is fair for one customer of a business may not be the same as what is fair for another. Things being EQUAL is a whole different story. Warthunder players are all EQUAL to each other if they play free only, but paid premium features are FAIR because someone spent money on them. Great example of fairness to me is that PC gets better pheripherals for flight simming when compared to console because it is much more common on PC than Xbox or Playstation due to the OS. The available pheripheral quality for console is not EQUAL to PC, but when you look at the avilability for console compared to the demand for serious pheripherals, the console pheripherals are pretty FAIR.

The point I’m going for is, I believe nothing in life should be EQUAL for anyone because people are not the exact same. Things should be as FAIR as possible for each person depending on the circumstances for that person. If things were equal, noone would pay the same price for anything in Warthunder because $50 dollars for you may be a treat, but $50 dollars for me may be insignifigant. It is FAIR to charge $50 dollars for something so everyone gets the same value for that amount of money.

I wanted to highlight that you said it really sucks that you can’t use it NOW because you paid for it, but you DID use it before the switch. Pointing out that you made a concious choice to give up access to a paid item by switching. That is all.

You’re pretty sure, but have no clear idea of how their policies and laws are taken into account for this situation. Gaijin is not a US based company like Sony and Microsoft. They can play by entirely different rules because of that. I am sure they take whatever steps they legally can in order to profit, as businesses do, and some of those may not equal out to the same legal restrictions as Sony or Microsoft. Not many US companies seem very interested in giving virtual currency a real world exchange rate past their own payable points, especially when they do not control prices for items that use that currency.

Gaijin coin earned by events isn’t “free”. It takes time to aquire those vehicles, and you make the choice to sell them. You lose a vehicle that is in limited quantities for currency with real world value (to a point) that you use dollar for dollar to purchase other content unavailable in the free to play model. Gaijin coin earned by grinding and event vehicle is no more “free” than Gaijin coin paid for by a normal job. One player can put time and effort in to the event to earn and sell that vehicle for Gaijin coin, or one player can use that time at a job to earn money and then pay money for that Gaijin coin for a vehicle. The time and work exsists in both situations, but the area that the “pay” comes from is different

I wouldn’t say they are centered on it. They are centered on being able to earn exclusive vehicles without paying. The option to sell them on the marketplace isn’t the focus at all, it is just an option they give their PC players.

Our discussion ends here.

Cool, I’m glad you are against having discussion because I have a different viewpoint. Shows you are closed minded.

Even though it is off topic, I challenge you to tell me why everything being equal for everyone, regardless of circumstances, is a fair system for everyone involved. By all means, PM me about it. I’d love to explain why I said being fair to people, according to circumstances, is better than everyone being equal, regardless of cimstances.

You can use your poor excuse to exit the whole thread then, since you won’t address anything else I’ve said because you don’t like my opinion.