Can PC player have a chance to get XM-1 (Chrysler)

Exclusivity is always bad, and ideally everything exclusive should instead be obtainable by everyone.


You are wrong, I’m not leaving the discussion here, I’m just not gonna discuss it with people like you. Also, I don’t have to like your opinion as you don’t have to like mine. I was actually replying point by point until I read what you believe in, then I decided to not waste more of my time.

I don’t know why you come to the forums to not discuss things. You won’t discuss it with “people like me” like there is something wrong with me or you are somehow superior to me because of my opinion. You don’t know me as a person, and you judging me to such an extent is a quite immature and ignorant thing to do. I looked forward to seeing your replies to each point, because it had a lot of potential to be a great discussion. It saddens me that you are not mature enough to discuss things with someone without judging them.

The difference here is I am open to hearing whatever you have to say, regardless of your views, but I assume you think I am a waste of time/space because of views and have to shut down good dicsussion. You don’t have to discuss that section by any means, or any of it if you really wish. That is your option, and I The problem that I have with is not your opinion (of Warthunder or me), but the fact that you won’t even discuss the other points because you have assigned me to a group you don’t like even though you have No knowledge of my beliefs.