Can more Canadian vehicles be added to the UK?

Not now, but AFAIK its reports are already considered acknowledged, and in that right it should be the lowest BR in the game - were it to come at all.

My thoughts in this is somewhere down the line gajin might want to add more top tier mbts to Britain but these are only options left as almost all the Challengers are in the tree so we may have domestic to fill that in the Vickers line which has no more additions

Is challenging yourself really fun? The degraded Leopard 2A6(Challenger 3) turret is not as protected as the Leopard 2 and loses the original fast loading feature, and the mobility is limited to 59 and cannot run up to 70

Some of you may not have realized that when Italy got the Hungarian Leopard 2A7HU and KF51-120 that they deserved, the poor British could only hold their own “self-challenging tank” and cry why they should not have asked for the Leopard 2 MBT from the Commonwealth countries at that time

Neither does the T90S, but hey, we got one in the Brit tree.

Make Britain more competitive, Leopard 2A4MCAN when.

if you have seen my older works, then youll know that i was against that as well. it shouldve gone to russia and russia only

you dont need these russian or german vehicles, you need your ‘challenged’ challie fixed.
maybe the germans and brits can share the rheinmetall 130mm technology demonstrator but not unrelated vehicles:

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To be fair, I don’t think it should have either.

The M1A1 AIM or the Leo 2A4M CAN should be the Brit Squad vehicle.

A Canadian Sub tree would be nice.

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in a perfect world, canada would be an indep nation in WT


But its something i doubt gajin will do

ik, but if they did, a lot of these arguments wouldnt happen

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They would disappear


I wish british TT had CF-18


kinda like if this was true
Clarification, update and settling of Gaijin’s vehicle addition policy
along with each nation being an independent nation…
oh boy that’d be a paradise

Yeah but their is no rules or guide gajin does what it wants

sadly true

Lmao,With gaijin’s failure on the Israel tree, new independent trees are not eligible to emerge

Do you guys want another nation to have a T-72M1 and a Leo 2A4 because of a sub tree addition?

gaijin failed yes…
not us…

Why not, as long as the game designer loves the tree then he will also get Leclerc and M1 main battle tanks and I’m not implying “a country”.

America already had a better ADATS, there was no point adding it there, and british players were whinning as usual so they needed to shut them up somehow, but all this pandering just leads to more begging for handouts by the british players

Kinda like the japanese players asking for the Su-27 now that they got the fictional japanese F-16AJ