Calling a base does not mean it's yours


I commonly see players getting upset because I “stole their base”.

Here’s the thing. You chose to fly a slow ass premium A-10. Don’t think that because you called a base, that you get to reserve it for 10 minutes while you make your way there. If I’m in the vicinity, I’m not going to hinder my progression (or the win for the team) to convenience you. It just isn’t realistic to expect players to do this.

It’s alright if a teammate wants to coordinate with you to be sure you don’t both go for the same base. But this is a choice. Many times, there’s just too many players to make such coordination. The best thing to do is to take bases based on opportunity. A base appears close by, you take it. End of story.


Great reminder that teammates are just enemies in blue.


Found one.

No. I know better than to even bother.

If you’re gonna disrespect the courtesy then you can’t complain when you get TK’d, imho.

Your " team " are just enemies in blue, after all.

Flagged this post, too huh. Amusing.


Yeah, I Tk’d a Vatour because I called a base, was right behind him, he chose to FAFO right after I already said, if someone steals the base I’m going for I’m gonna kill you, especially the fact that I was close enough to drop, so I did, and he did, but he was lower, so his hit first. There’s a line between having the nerve to do it anyway after I politely stated, like the 12 matches before, and then there’s the stupid ones that just don’t use their damn eyes. Imagine flagging this, Womp Womp!

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Team killing is against the rules. Taking a base that someone else called is not. Like you said it is courteous. But it’s not in the rules of the game. So TK someone for stealing your base. I’m sure most people don’t mind. They already got the points they needed by bombing your base. And they don’t have to pay for repair.


And so is cheating, botting and using slurs but folks still do those things anyways even though such things incur harsher penalties with 2 out of 3 being an immediate ban.

And whether they mind or not doesn’t matter; it’s all cause and effect, action and consequence based on personal choices.

Flagging me, now? Cute.

The real enemy is the blue one

I’ve resigned myself to losing SL any time someone flies under me and throws their bombs on top of mine on a shorter fuse
Same with FFAR F-4s

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Whoever reaches the base first should bomb that base and others should accept it.


Yeah, and on the team killing aspects, there are some times when a greedy bastard moves directly in front of your shots and die, those should be a penalty to them, not me, and I’ve clicked out of war thunder multiple times and it caused a crash on the airfield and took someone out but it gave me a team kill.

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If you think TKing someone is the right move you do you boo. Because I promise you it’s not going to stop them from doing it again. And the only thing you’re going to do is lose silver lions for the TK and possibly be reported for team killing. It’s childish. Why do I want to penalize myself by losing silver lions. But you sling out your keyboard justice that does nothing to anyone but cost yourself silver lions. Cuz I’m sure that’s going to teach them a lesson.


Yeah, I got a deal with this too, Rocket spamming F3D-1’s

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I miss the old days when calling a base was respected.


Doesn’t the f3d-1 only get tiny tims that can’t destroy base cuz u only got 2? I got it spaded lol

I call the first kill of the game and when people don’t have the courtesy to let me get it I should be like you guys and TK them I guess

I mean I don’t care that they are in a position to get a kill, I called it. I am entitled to it because I typed it in. How dare they play the game


Very simple:
At the start of the match, I write in chat: All red bases are mine."
That way, base entitlement is settled. No one can complain if I bomb bases that I claimed first. And I don’t really get upset if someone touches MY bases!!11!

Oddly enough, now the same people who expect others to follow their rules don’t follow mine.


Type “our team wins” in all chat. You are now entitled to a win.


Oh you totally missed the perfect opportunity to use the “All your base are belong to us” meme.


So you gave him a free trip back to reload… congrats!

I will typically abide by the called bases but sometimes it’s not realistic. If I notice someone call a base I’ve already set my sights on I will usually let them know I refuse (but I play in VR so sometimes I can’t just take my hands off the controls to type message). If someone takes “my base” I do swear to my self but I don’t bother trying to harass in the chat (pointless - and since I almost never read the chat I don’t expect anyone else to either)

Calling bases is more for coordination so you and your teammates don’t waste time going for the same base.

New bases appear pretty regularly so there’s no reason to cry over someone “stealing” your base.