Call of the Dragon: Object 292

Hello you are saying that players chose this type of marathons instead of other types(ok maybe). You have increased cost of tank medal from 40k to 45k. Before this change to get tradable coupon we used to grind 400k of mp(mission points) but now its 750k so we have 345k increase of cost of upgrade for coupon(9*45 = 405 => 750-405= 345). So you are trying to make us grind 8.625 (345/40 = 8.625) times more then before for upgrade?



Sure lol.

Test drive link here:

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Begleit had thermals and a TOW launcher while being faster. That’s a different class.
Others are the only people that make this line of words:

I don’t think this and never have nor will ever think that.

Pgz whatever has thermals, dofferent guns and missiles and still its the same class with shilka.

Your logic makes zero sense.

What? Also nicely cut my quote lmfao.

Sure you don’t. You just happen to act like it every single day.

If this thing can be 10.0
I believe US should get this at 10.0 in return

Non-stabilized M1A2 with L/55

Fight fire with fire, they say


LRF, thermals, and armor still.
Just sharing the lack of gun handling and smoke grenades with Object 292.
As we see with AMX-30B2, non-stab only reduced its BR by 0.7 all else equal.

I still believe 292 won’t remain at 10.0 for very long
It can punch through the turret of M1A1HC at range
HC is 11.3 mind you


My guesstimate of 292 is 10.7, before I post my next statement.
M60 AMBT has 3BM60 performance at 10.0, with thermals, and gun laying.

I posted a list of high penning things below BRs. China’s 8.7 TD was one of them, over 520mm of pen at 8.7 with a laser range finder and stabilizer.

The problem of the AMBT is the armor
You get lots of nice things at 10.0 like good shell and 2nd (3rd?) gen thermals
But AMBT does not have any sort of ERA (unless you count the slat armor but even that is negligible).
Basically, the moment someone even sneezes at AMBT, it’s dead.

292, while lacking thermals, still enjoys somewhat good composite armor with absolutely insane kinetic shell and maybe equally so HE shell.
Another thing is the profile. AMBT is (comically) tall vehicle while 292 has relatively low profile

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I mean, armor is the problem with Object 292 as well. 80B turret, which is 10.3 Abrams level of non-existent.
And weird hull that’s not 80U, but not 80B, so it gets lolpenned by all but Leopard 2 and Abrams, cause everything else is using DM33 or 3BM42 equivalent rounds, or better.

And that’s ok
Inferior armor at cost of (greatly) improved firepower is a good compromise
10.7 seems reasonable to me

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It is a t80U hull, just no era and side skirts are different, aslo the lfp is stronger

It’s ~35mm less effective protection to T-80U non-ERA covered portion at 68 degrees.

From the front the biggest difference i see is 12mm

hell yea that sounds interesting.

checks the original devblog

ahahahahaha. imagine M1A2 with 650mm pen at 9.7.

as long as it is placed at some reasoable BR, sure.

but not abrams with DU inserts in turret and thermals and 650mm pen@10m@0° at 9.7.

Lmao. That line is a leftover from back when I originally posted the suggestion on the old forums. I initially wrote that line with the intention of drawing parallels to heavy tanks with good armor but otherwise poor performance. I, of course, don’t hold the same opinion now but I just never got around to changing it.

nah, its fine.

vehicle by itself sounds like great addition, and granted the lack of stabiliser would warrant lower br.

i just read the 9.7 line and nearly had a stroke imagining the resulting horror.

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What TD is that? Only 8.7 TD they have with a cannon is the PTZ89 with DYW1 round that has 443mm flat pen at 10m.

Bud it’s the exact same armour array of 3 x 50mm HHRA and 2 x 30mm Textolite.

Which are? Only tanks at its br i could find that “lolpen” the UFP are 2S25M with 3BM60, AMBT with KE-W and M1128 with M900.

Doesn’t really sound “all but Leopard 2 and Abrams”(which both are at higher BR) to me.

DYW1 has 510 at 100 meters 60 degrees.
Stryker MGS, M60 AMBT, Challenger Mk3, Vickers Mk7, Bhishma, ZTZ96 [all], Ariete P.