Call of the Dragon: Object 292

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We’re taking a look at the main reward of the Call of the Dragon event, which is the Object 292, an experimental Soviet MBT based on the T-80 series tank that features a 152 mm smoothbore gun!

Object 292: An Event Vehicle MBT for the USSR at Rank VII


  • Long-barreled 152 mm gun!
  • Autoloader.
  • Laser rangefinder.
  • Good mobility.
  • Average armor protection.

Vehicle History

One of the ways considered for increasing the combat effectiveness of Soviet tanks was to use a more powerful 152 mm caliber gun. In the late 1980s, engineers from the Kirov Plant and VNIITransmash in Leningrad were developing a prototype vehicle based on the T-80U tank with a 152.4 mm LP-83 smoothbore gun. To accommodate this massive gun, a new reinforced turret bustle and a mechanized carousel-type autoloader were designed. In September 1990, a prototype was built on the chassis of the T-80BV tank, which went on to receive the factory designation of Object 292. This tank was successfully tested in 1991, but was not put into production due to the collapse of the USSR and the economic crisis. The only prototype of the Object 292 is on display at the tank museum in the Patriot Park near Moscow.

Meet the Object 292!

Let’s take a moment to think about what Soviet MBTs, armed with a 152 mm gun, would be like? They’d be like the Object 292, which is an experimental tank based on the T-80BV chassis that has a 152 mm smoothbore cannon. This tank is the main reward vehicle for the Call of Dragon event — let’s take a look!

The stand-out and most noticeable feature of the Object 292 is without a doubt its gun. This is a huge 152 mm LP-83 smoothbore cannon that’s stabilized, produces a lot of recoil and also has an autoloader! Thanks to its length, the general characteristics of shells have improved in terms of muzzle velocity and penetration, where the available two are an APFSDS and HE shell. In terms of ammo load and rate of fire, this tank can store 30 rounds of ammunition in total, including 16 already in the autoloader, which can be fired at a rate of 6 rounds per minute. Not bad for a gun of this size!

Interesting: In addition to the Kirov plant in Leningrad, development of 152 mm guns was carried out at the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (“Object 195”) and the Kharkov Malyshev Plant (“Boxer” project).

Moving onto the Object 292’s chassis and speed, which is essentially the same as T-80 tanks that we’ve all come to know: a good maximum speed and a good power-to-weight ratio. On solid ground, the Object 292 can reach speeds of 70 km/h, where it’s also able to drive well in off-road conditions and maneuver without much of an issue. As you may expect, the weakest part about the Object 292’s mobility is the slow reverse speed, however this is still higher than on the T-72 series.

In War Thunder, the Object 292 is modeled exactly how the real prototype itself was tested. All types of ERA have been removed, and steel blocks have been placed on the turret acting as weight imitators. Therefore in terms of armor, the Object 292’s is generally a “naked” T-80, meaning it has vulnerable sides on the hull and turret. The frontal armor will struggle against APFSDS rounds above 105 mm caliber, and ATGMs, especially tandem charge, will not have any problem going through. You may have also noticed that the turret shape is slightly different, and you’d be right! This is because the back of the turret area has extended to accommodate the new massive breech and its recoil, and to store shells.

The Object 292 is the main reward of the Call of the Dragon event which is going to be starting very soon. Keep an eye out on the news to find out about the event how and exactly it will work so that you can get this awesome tank!


Really, another MBT for russia…


I wonder how hard Russian players cried to get a tank with a 152mm gun


Are you planning to put a chinese aircraft next considering the lunar new year? it makes little sense to me calling the event “call of the dragon” and put a russian tank tbh


I think that it was comparable to how USA players cry to get more gen 4 fighters, because they have to have more than the other nations combined.


so how much pen will this 152.4mm apfsds get? will it be higher than dm53 fired from L55 or not?

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awesome, a t80 glass cannon with longer reload. Finally swarms of ACTUALLY KILLABLE bvms, not gonna complain here. Will there be a green dragon decal (the title exists since the ztz96p but i always wanted a decal to go with it!)


Are you able to grind this vehicle using any mode? Like Air RB or Naval? Or do we have to play ground to get this?

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Ground only

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well yes, since it’s usually around the meter for those bigger guns (the french 140 of the terminateur is stated at 1 slightly above a meter pen at 2km)

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Kinda hope it cant just Lol-pen every mbt in the game as well there goes balance

Also will it get the T80BVM gun handling or T-80B


1 meter

T80 glass cannon
Right when im grinding russia
Very nice


Ofc Is a Russian mbt. Because nothing Will help minor Nations more than adding more mbt in the already biggest tech tree in the game.


As I feared.

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It’s unique enough to feel special, but not so unique that the tech tree is “robbed” if you get my meaning.

A good event vehicle 👍


Mirrored from my post in the news about the new cycle of events.

Since we are now only able to grind these new event vehicles in the game mode that the vehicle is meant for, such as Ground RB for a tank and Air RB for a plane, it would be nice to see you guys change it and let the playerbase be able to play anything in any mode to grind the event rather than being forced to play a certain game mode if they want to get the vehicle.

This is what I liked about the old crafting events, as it meant I did not have to play ground to get the ground reward.

I think this would be a very helpful way for people to grind the events as they can play whatever they want to do it, which would mean players do not have to play the same game mode for weeks on end and become burnt out.

Please consider this for the future events.


Can anyone tell me about the information about it‘s APFSDS?

I can’t find info on it APFDS

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1,2m according to many sources