Call of the Dragon: Object 292

What about L27

it doesnt get thermals my dude stop crying about everything

obviously… just a high tier obj 120

how does a mechanic not yet in game compare to a tank…?

tell me one time a new vehicle wasnt subject to change

no it isnt? apart from having good reload and pen, what else does it have over other tanks in that br? except armor, but whyd you be shooting at the most armored part…? this excuse is the same for top tier where people cried about t90m having better armor on places you already couldn’t pen

im not gonna deny that its definitely gonna go up in br, but you need to start looking at other stuff before crying

its slow ass reload and the big ass gun already make it a target for lights that will just abuse it by destroying the barrel then the tracks, etc.

its a high risk high reward vic, if it misses(definitely gonna happen alot due to its trash gun handling), you outload it atleast once, letting you disable that cannon

its not, its from a t80BV, which from what I can tell even though russian naming conventions suck, switched from the 4 layer scheme of the B to the 5 layer scheme of the U in ~1985ish. 292 is from the early 90s so its a good bet its on the 5 layer scheme

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Which tank is the paper tank? Which E series tank was a fully functioning prototype?

Take the japanese Ho-ri series for example.
As far as documentation goes the Ho-Ri production variant never existed. There were designs and a small wooden mock-up but that was it.

The story of the Ho-Ri prototype is a bit strange on the other hand. With one side claiming it did exist and the other side saying it didn’t make it before the end of the war.

For example:
According to "The National Institute for Defense Studies, Ministry of Defense, Military Administration of Munitions Mobilization, Production Chart of January to April of 1945. the plan was to produce a total of 5 Ho-Ri gun tanks by March 1945. The 105 mm main gun was produced and tested. However, no prototypes are known to have been completed.‘’

While another source says:
‘‘The construction of the prototype was completed in 1944. The tank achieved a speed of 40kmh during the trials. The tests were seen as a success, resulting in the Army ordering 5 units of the tank. However, by the time of the war’s end, the series of tanks only made it to 50% completion. Only one operable prototype had been completed fully.’’

The problem with the last qoute is that there is no evidence of an existing prototype. (no photo’s, videos or further public documentation.) Yes it had design plans and drawings like the ‘‘production variant’’ and a similiar wooden mock-up. but beside that only the gun ever existed.

I did find a japanese picture of wat could be a test document that reffered to the Ho-Ri as ‘‘wooden car’’ wich is interesting.

As for Gaijins statement: “It would fill some gaps in the tech tree”
Wich i agree, the japanese tech tree is a bit empty at some ranks.

Next one:
Ostwind 2

In game we have the Ostwind 2.

The war thunder wiki claims: ‘‘To increase the firing rate, the Flakpanzer IV “Ostwind” was redesigned with two 37 mm Flugzeugabwehrkanone 43 cannons. A single prototype was built, but World War II ended before it could be fully completed.’’

When in fact there were no plans to begin with. No known prototypes or no ducomentation suggesting there was ever the plan to upgrade the normal ostwind. Could be because they already had problems producing the normal Ostwind nearing the end of the war. There are speculations that a prototype could have been made but nothing supports that claim. Making this a paper tank aswell.

(fun fact: the Flakpanzer 341 that was removed from the game actually had a full scale half functioning mock up. In 1944 a single Flakpanzer 341was made based on the Panther D hull with a wooden mock-up turret.)

I’m sure there are more things surrounding paper vehicles in War Thunder but these are just 2 well known examples that came to mind.

As for the German E tanks. Reading back my question, i understand your confusion. I did not mean German E type tanks as in prototypes but as in possible ‘‘paper’’ tanks to be added for an event for example.

I agree that the tank is weak without armor, like the Vidar, it urgently needs to be set to 8.0. You don’t understand the problem is that with 10.0 it will always be from 8.7 to 9.3, as it happens with the premium T-55 Am-1 with a crowbar against cardboard without crowbars, it stupidly fanshots everyone. G6 and m109 have a longer reload without az, but this does not prevent you from killing if you have straight hands on any br.

It just seems to be a trend to introduce all event vehicles at way too low br just so people would grind and buy them…

There is no way gaijin doesn’t realize they are too low when players see it so clearly.

Thats a mockup

again you havent even seen it play out and you already want a br increase…

everyone knows itll go up in br regardless, even gaijin

tell me when has a new vehicle not been changed in some way when its all literally subject to change

Given we just got LOSAT with pretty insane pen, this doesn’t really blow my mind that Russia now has one too. What does, however is that we’ll likely just keep seeing more vehicles like this that only exaggerate the BR compression


One is an ATGM carrier practically made of paper with a very tall and obvious silhouette, which can’t elevate or depress it’s launcher, and has missiles that require stand-off range to gain penetration and guidance (Which doesn’t work half the time, it frequently overcorrects, slamming into the ground)

The other is a tank. More specifically an MBT, a very conventional vehicle. You have decent armor, stabilizer, laser rangefinder… you simply left click the enemy.

Which is more useful in the meta of War Thunder?

So I disagree, the two are hardly comparable, and the existance of one doesn’t justify the other.

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So you think it was just fine that they introduced Pt-76-57 2 full brs too low?

Everyone and their mother knew it will be absolutely broken, but gaijin still put it too low so people would buy it.

Then maybe they should introduce it in the correct br?

Yeah, after it has been curbstomping everything for few weeks. That’s not a good way to balance anything.

its called subject to change for a reason

what if this is the right br giajin wants for it

Wasting? lol The grind is less than my average daily hours.
The fact you attack <2 hour a day grind getting 1200+ each match is honestly hilarious.

They misjudged the BR for an entirely new class of vehicle [PT-76-57] and was quick to amend BRs as their initial guess was very incorrect.

There’s no trend of event vehicles being too low BTW.
And players didn’t see that PT-76-57 was too low. Nor did they see EBR.

I guess we’ll have to see how the re-modelling of the turret works etc. But upgrading pen values should be on the list of possible adjustments for the Chally 2.

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Then why players knew it will be broken, before anyone even played it?

You keep explaining everything they do wrong with basically “they have no idea what they are doing”.

5 months isn’t exactly fast if you ask me.

Lmao… Source? As my experience is the opposite.

Your word is worth literally nothing, so you just stating your “facts” isn’t an argument.


Fast, fully stabilized 57mm autocannon with lrf fighting unstabilized and slow ww2 tanks, and you are honestly claiming no one could see how broken it will be?

Me and my whole group knew that and i seriously doubt we were the only ones.
Atleast reddit also knew.

You already provided the source.
You brought up PT-76-57, which was a first in its class vehicle.
EBR was also a first in its class vehicle and was under-BR’d because there was no reference point to base its BR off of.

Hindsight bias. I doubt you knew, especially since there was nothing to compare it to.

It’s a damn shame. Especially in the world of failed prototypes. There’s documentation to detail what happened until something isn’t adopted and from there, it’s like the thing never existed. Anything as old as the 40’s seems obviously lost forever, but even more recent times like the 80’s and 90’s, history seems to vanish.

Oh dude for an event, that would be sick. E-25 rats everywhere, E-75’s and E-100’s. Maybe a JPE-100 with the forward casemate.

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292 is on live

lets see how many nato nerds find out its bad