Call of the Dragon: Earn the Object 292!

idk about yall but that s a lot ))))))
i think idk i m new tto this

The SL crates are gone?

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You can miss one cause there are 9 Marks and you only require 8 for the tank. And you can buy the Marks for 999GE each. So if you miss 2 you only have to buy 1 as long as you get the other 7 by playing.

I can still get them on my account, I just logged in. Just log off and log back again, then check.

Potentially going to miss 1 more task this week, so yeah, will probably need to buy 1.

Don’t forget to buy the one for the day that you will be missing and don’t buy one from a day you can play, they are all for different days.

that is literally impossible…

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He’s trolling. Ignore it.

I find it cute that you’re blaming the developers for not adding a western counterpart of the 292, and then comparing a vehicle like the Object 292, which have many flaws, issues, and the best round it can get have 700mm of penetration with the Swiss Leopard with the 140mm, which have a 2A4 hull with slightly better armor on the turret and a way better platform to work around, with a round that can get 900+mm of penetration. You’re truly pathetic, like the people that liked your post.


These two vehicles aren’t comparable, they wouldn’t even be in the same br bracket

It would probably be around the same penetration 700~ because of Gaijins penetration formula’s.
It’s firepower is sorta underwhelming for its caliber due to the dart it fires.

What’s not balanced? The tank hasn’t even been released to content creators yet so we don’t know, also why do you need another high caliber MBT to fight a naked T-80? I don’t think it’s the balance you’re concerned about.

750,000 points for the market coupon is absolute MADNESS. It is clear to me now.

45,000 points per mark of distinction is acceptable by comparison.

I have been getting the marks of distinction rather well- but I still have 450,000 points left for the coupon, and I’ve been playing for 3+ hours every day.

I am going to need to grind 80,000 points every day left if I want to get the coupon.

This is absolute madness.

Since I was suspended for offending the Snail God with my heretical views about the event how about a sensible proposition since Gaijin is a fan of big numbers.
The lowest modifier for normal(not event) rank 3 vehicles for any event to be 1.0 for arcade and to go up from there. So we will have for arcade a multiplier of 1.0 for rank 3, 1.1 for rank 4, 1.2 for rank 5, 1.3 for rank 6, 1.4 for rank 7 and 1.5 for rank 8 plus adding the realistic/simulator multiplier of 1.33. This will make the grind much better since you have the 45000 standard points to grind at rank 3 arcade and the situation will only get better if you go higher or realistic/simulator. This is my solution in order to reward the people who play higher ranks and to not feel like a punishment for people who play rank 3.

I think there is some merrit to this, but i see some problems:

  1. You would need to increase the overall score to compensate. Which presents a less palletable number for people to overcome.
  2. It makes it less clear that sealclubbing is not the way to go (offcourse its not exactly unclear but i fear it may lead to increased clubbing)

As for arcade multiplier, i dont have any experience to know actuall score earnings in arcade

  1. There is no need to increase the overall score since they already increased it to 45000. This will just make the even not seem like a grind and it will help people who don’t have a lot of time to play. And will give you more options. You can play what rank you enjoy and spend more time or you can tryhard at higher ranks and do it faster.
  2. Sealclubbing is present no matter what. People use rank 1 event vehicles to grind because it’s easier for them to kill newer players. This is a problem because they made the event too time intensive. If you integrate it during normal gameplay, something like the BP but with extra points for doing something like challenges or task maybe you can mitigate some problems.

Afaik 45000 is not an increase. Its within the variance we allready had before.

And an increase in score multipliers would need a corresponding increase in score requirements for the same effective score.

Well likely the time to grind would remain simililar after score changes for compensate. And yes we should encourage people to play at higher BRs and avoid people doing low BRs during these events just to avoid clubbing.

Unless you are just straight up asking for a score reduction, which is what a multiplier bump would be, the change would mostly be aesthetic.

Or if you think we should give weigh the event differently i suppose there is some discussion to be had about giving certain ranks more score than they allready do.

Yes, and we should make sure that is not the time optimal way to get to the price, and signal that it isnt quite clearly to anyone thinking to do so.

Also, honestly only the Coupon upgrade is awful to grind, the vehicle itself just has the issue of having to consistently be present for 85% of the event, points wise its fine for what it is.

I can offer my example. I cannot play a lot having to work and also having a small child. Sunday I played like 2-2.5 hours because I’m doing the BP I played rank 4 USA ground in order to get kills with rockets and play USA. I consider myself an above average player that usually is in the top 5 of almost all matches. For the time that I have played I got something like 30000 points don’t remember exactly because I’m not doing the event. WTRassistant says that I have an average of 1473 points per match for the month so considering this I have to play about 3.5 to 4 hours every 2 days to get a star which is not terrible but still if you add all the hours you get a total of 32 hours for 8 stars for a digital tank which for me it’s not worth it.

Yup, that is a consideration for each and everyone to make themselves, and for the sake of everyone i hope people realize they dont need the tank they will maybe play like 20 times.

I actually recorded in excel table times and scores grinding one star using 12.0 GER lineup and then addtional 45k score using US 5.7 lineup.

Notice that US 5.7 has higher base score but GER 12.0 has higher multiplied score.

Heres the kicker - if you made the rank modifier same for rank III as for rank VII, lower ranks would become more optimal for grinding than top tier


If you made rank I and II ( and III since theyre grouped together) modifiers better, at some point they too would become more optimal ergo attracting more turbosweats


Only for this ranks you can use the multipliers to be less than 1.
Rank 1 - 0.8 and rank 2 - 0.9 since this are event vehicles and mostly are owned by older more experienced players.
It’s a hard thing to balance but this is why it has to be discussed and not just implemented without consulting the players. To be a discussion like the road map. Since they want to be something all year round.