Bunker Busting Bombs

Their is the F111K but smin said their was no plans for it but didn’t say no

Well, there are some f111 variant they could add as a squadron vehicle, like the f111d, so you wouldn’t have to grind the tt

Yeah, that was always unlikely. besides we do have the TSR2 that would fulfil the same BR as that. But F-111C could be cool, especially with the right loadouts it could sit apart from the Tornado Gr1 and somewhere in between the Gr1 and Gr4

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Yep, that would be good

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Fair enough. CF-86 should go in US tree for sure tho UK isn’t lacking much in earlier jets.

Between Meteor/Vampire and Hunter we are lacking turn fighters. There are native options but something like the CF-86 would be a solid option too. Might even be a solid turn fighter in the BR9 range actually.

They is no plane known as CF-86.

If you are talking about the CL-13 the UK used them and as a clam to them without the Canadian flag. As there where an plane used by the RAF.

And that :D

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Maybe look into native options. Always better than c&p when possible. And the sabre is a very, very American plane, it was a symbol of the USAF during the early cold war

Their is also the Aussie saber which is very different

Huh didn’t know that. Thought canadair just slapped a c before the designation

Send pic pls it could be a sabre dog

Thats the Australian one, there are notable differences

Oh yeah, for sure. Could fit into 9.3 nicley

CL is the Canadair destination for craft they build.

CF is the post armed forces unification name for fighters. Which happened in 1968.

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And don’t believe me here is the Canadair Sabers Wikipedia page and a screenshot of the operater section.


Canadair Sabre - Wikipedia

Yep, if I recall correctly. Britain used Sabres as a stop-gap after the Meteors, Venoms, Vampires etc until the Hunters were finished.

Nuh uh, I’d rather get a F-18 for Finland than another Gripen, just because it will be a ending to the the Finnish sub-tree, making people want to grind it.


Copy paste supporter moment. Sweden has and will have a strong air top tier with gripens. I have noticed that the US consistently gets worse variants of it’s win aircraft, not because other nations are better, but because they get newer versions of the aircraft. For example, the f-15 and f16. Also all the copy paste negatively affects all nations that use the same vehicles, but especially the country that designed the aircraft and used it

Sorry I never responded to this!!!

I only support copy paste when it is necessary, like the Finnish sub tree, not to mention someone informing me on the lowered ability of finlands F-18C/D variant, apparently having less air to ground ordinance. It truly isn’t a comparable aircraft to the Gripen, it’s not really a multirole at that point, it simply becomes a ADF. Getting decent air to air weaponry, and having a finisher for the Finnish Tech Line, would be greatly appreciated by all Sweden players, and would truly have no real negative effect on gameplay.

As for the F-16/F-15 debacal, I assume this is a nod to Israel, with the BAZ and Nesher. These are historical, just as the Finnish F-18, and really doesn’t cause any issues. Also with Finland and Sweden now being NATO partners, they will most likely use standardized munitions, like what was seen on the JAS39A, using “American” GBU’s.

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