Bunker Busting Bombs

Will the Su-25 and other top-ish tier aircraft get a “Bunker busting” or AP bomb? I assume there might be special objectives like bunkers to use them on, something that other things can’t take out. I will say, for the Su-25 in specific, the Betab 500 Shp bombs, and the A-10 in specific, the GBU-39/B. I think this would be a cool addition to war thunder, anyone else have any thoughts?


Betab 500 Shp:
(Note: The Betab can be parachuted)


Already in the game. The Tallboy an earthquake bomb aka Bunkerbuster. So there coming just slowly. Patience is value in this case other wise make a suggestion for the ones you want.

We dont actually have the Tallboy. What we have is 12’000lb “Cookie” or “Block-Buster”

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Tallboy isn’t in game. Blockbuster is.

Yeah the “Tallboy” is the bunker busting “version” so to speak, of the one in game.


Yes, as the reasoning “so to speak” I believe it is different filler that is more volatile and an obvious face-lift. I believe the only larger conventional bomb was the MOAB.

As far as I am aware, same filler for both used. The key thing though with the Tallboy, is it was designed to be dropped from height, reach terminal velocity and penetrate into the ground before exploding.

I believe Tallboy actually has around half the amount of explosive within it, despite the bombs being the same kind of weight.

The Blockbuster was designed to well. Destroy city blocks.

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As for your post. Yes, but only if we got the corrosponding targets. In something like ASB. having “bunkers” to attack that required the right weapons would be interesting. Though Im not sure how many nations have bunker busters. At least at current BRs. Britains for example I think is Storm Shadow. So I potentially would prefer mechanics that all nation would benefit from like ARM first

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ARM meaning Anti-Radiation Missiles I assume?
Oh, also, not to mention the possible addition/use of cluster munitions. On a side note, I’d love to see the Avro Vulcan in game, and would probably force me to grind the Brit Air tree. Just an all around beautiful aircraft with impressive load.

Yeah. that is ARM. and yeah, CBU, (would love JP233) and also Anti-Ship-Missiles would also be cool (and they are already in game, just barely on anything) . Even some proper cuise missiles/glide bombs and other GPS guided weapons would be cool.

Whilst bunker busters are a cool concept to have in game, theyd be lower on my list

I would have taken that over the Gripen

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Yes, in the Brit Tree, I agree, if South Africa is going to be the Brit “Sub-Tree” then the JAS39C would be fine in my eyes, but it’s not their true “sub-tree” I’d have personally rather seen the Australian sub-tree, and an Avro Vulcan in the JAS39C’s place. Also would get a Brit/Aus F/B-111. I do see a use for ARM’s, but implementation would be interesting.

It is for ground though, which is why we got it.

Sadly, in my eyes a great loss to the British tree. As much as some of the South African vehicles are interesting, like the G-6 rhino, I’d have rather seen the AS9 (K9), and as said, the F/B-111

Yeah, but what is done is done, I just hope they dont skip what Britain has left for the sake of “Sub-Tree”

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Gbu-24s are penetrating. Everyone except USSR and China has something with those

Yes, I feel like major nations are missing more things than that of what they deserve. America, the F-111, British, the eventual Avro Vulcan, and Russia and China I think have it best of the Major tree’s.

Was added in October

Yes, I just meant in a past tense sense of way, because of how anticipated it was.

Oh I see yeah, A Mig-27, Tonrado IDS and F-111 update (2021) could have been good. Or later a Su–24. Tornado IDS and F-111C update. but they are adding them in drips and drabs.

As for the Vulcan. There is a good argument against it, at least for the TT. But would kill for something like the Buc S2B or Jag GR3A

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