Bug report collection of German Vehicles

thats the good thing, the D and G mav have the Zoom^^ + Thermal when Gaijin fixes the issue

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Leopard 2 and its prototypes - Inaccuracies and Discussion
Leopard 2k should have thermals IR spotlight (retractable system)

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lower weight for PSO
separate out the mine protection to reduce it‘s weight

did the tornado get its 600 Chaff??

*1200, and no still nothing

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anyone got the links for the Begleitpanzer helicopter traker and APFSDS?

I knew there was something bugging me about the ICE cockpit. Just above the radar scope, theres a few bits and bobs missing, most notably, theres that little display post. I cant 100% say if that display post is for a HUD sight display or not though, but it does look more like the one seen on the F-4EJ Kai than other F-4’s


Could also be part of the optical sight camera unit though, in which case id rather it not be there like in-game. This things gonna suck so bad in EC8 sim without a HUD, MFD, MAWS or HMD :(

And thats the proplem

Yeah, id be interested if a german could find or get access to a proper F-4F ICE manual. Afaik the one used in the bug report is a manual predating the ICE, though im not 100% sure?

As far is we know the thing is only a Gun camera
(@Godvana correct me if I am Wrong)

Yeah thats what im getting as well unfortunately

As @Dontkev said, it’s a gun sight camera. They probably left it off to provide better visibility, which can be done.

Fair enough, then its preferable that way, this things gonna need every bit of help it can get. Idk if im even gonna bother crewing it tbh, considering how terrible its gonna be for sim…

Gonna have an aneurism trying to figure out where a target is relative to my nose in BVR or when im trying to vector towards a target using TWS before turning my radar off…

With real Aim-9M and Aim-120 while having this radar, it will be getting funny

Not in sim. In sim itll be in EC8, so it will 99% face the top jets with MFD’s, HUD’s, HMD’s, 9M/R-73’s, Fox 3’s, MAWS, etc…

This is probably the single worst EC8 jet there is. Highest workload/lowest information cockpit with a bad airframe and 9/10 times equivalent missiles to enemies. Doesnt even have a TGP for help in target ID…

The other “bad” airframes with “good” missiles (J-8F, AV-8B+, Sea Harrier FR.2, Tornado F.3 Late) all have significantly better cockpits for sim.

Film camera

Digital camera

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Insert: Its not the Plane, its the Pilot…

Funnily enough, they also left off the GPS just above the head down display in the MiG-29G for similar reasons I think

I mean, im sure ill be able to get kills, but why would i subject myself to that. It would just be a miserable experience where im the underdog in almost all situations. I have US, Germany, russia, and China ground out to the top, and sweden pretty close as well, its not like im lacking options for aircrafts that are gonna be less miserable to fly…