Bug related to Mad Max game mode

Hello I’m facing an issue during my gameplay on the new Madmax game mode in Warthunder.
When I’m using the 3rd respawn with any vehicle, the game bugs out and doesn’t let me control the gunners and commander (basically they don’t work) only the driver seems to respond to my inputs that is “wasd”. rest the gunner faces the default position and i can’t use the scope, aim. Firing is possible but only at the stuck position of the gun. Is there any fix to it? This issue only occurs on my 3rd respawn.


I confirm I have the same issue occasionally. Weapons locked in place and does not move. Can only move with W,A,S,D keys. Camera is stuck and only moves freely when holding right mouse button.

Would we put this topic in another section?

Ditto, I am having the same issue - driver is controllable while the gunner is not - he can shoot and camera responds on right click + drag but the gun is stuck in the same mode. On mode instance on respawn the camera rotated 180 degree and the gun was stuck on the south position. - I thought this was some deformed mutant thing but I guess it’s a bug.

  • on this, never had it happen on 1/2 spawn, only my third
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Same problem here. Even if you somehow make it to extraction through all that it doesn’t work