Bug found


Hi, I was playing Air Arcade, and i landed at point B to repair, i was attacked while landed, but still alive. Then, at the 5 second mark until i would be repaired, my plane leaped up and went straight into the ground, and i was marked as dead-crashed. Was this a bug or just a late response from an attack?


Were you on fire?


You probably “burned down” like how you can while on fire in flight.

i wasnt on that level of burning though, and it said “crash” not “burnt down”

plus my plane just jumped up and smashed itself into the ground

You should submit that to Thunder Show. lol.
I donno. The server must have decided you were too damaged to repair because the fire damage built up faster than the repair countdown.

but then again idk why my plane just jumped up, also the fire was increasing the repair time but the countdown was yk faster than the fire so it just went down slower