Buff The SU-27SM / J-11A Or Fix The R-77

After some realism - now only for 1 circle

The points you are trying to say make little sense. And no, the mig29 is worse in both 1-2 circles and everything else as a matter of fact. F-16A blk10 wins every dogfight in the game

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In 1 circle mig have chances, in 2 not.

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Maybe, you can “recall” phoenix with CW illumination, if it able to see that ofc

Except youre just straight up wrong there as well. The AIM-54 cannot reconnect its datalink. That means you notch and dropboff the radar for 5 seconds

And you are yet to mention it again, the R-27ER is a Fox 1 missile and requires continues updates to guide itself precisely unlike the AIM-54C, you’ll have to first notch and lose lock in order to evade the AIM-54C.

This theory also applies to the AIM-120 and yet people consider it far superior

And again, its entirely irrelevant when the R-27ER is so much faster you will hit the target guiding the aim-54 miles before it would go pitbull

The pitbull range of the AIM-54C is 16km, you can easily guide the AIM-54C to said range then break lock to prevent getting destroying. A F-14B going cold whilst a R-27ER chases it will take significantly longer and this is without including the AIM-54C into the scenario which would force the bandit to notch.

I do agree however that the R-27ER is mostly superior within 16km of range depending on positioning and altitude.

Try again shitter

I genuinely can’t take you seriously, look at your username before you insult others 😂

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Sukhoi Su-30SM Next!
A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30MS. | Fighter aircraft, Military ...


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that just a twin seat version of the Su-27SM found at 13.0 ingame? It would add no new capabilities to the Russian air TT, other than a new airframe (as far as I know). The Su-27SM3 would allow the plane to carry 12 missiles, as well at the R-77-1 which is a much improved version of the R-77 with much less drag. Furthermore, a much improved radar.

Wouldn’t the Su-30SM provide a downgrade in comparison to the current top tier flanker?

Much less drag, when it still have “smart” solution with fins

Doesn’t it have both a more streamlined nose cone and new fins? Less drag either way.

New cone, yes
But fins mostly the same, shich makes highest part of drag
It might be better on high alts, like 10-12km
On ground - not really, kinda same

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I wonder if high altitude launches could become meta with reduced team sizes and con trail visibility changes. Until then, yeah it probably won’t be too meta, just the radar and larger missile count would be the main upgrades it seems alongside the slight drag reduction of the R-77.
(Sidenote, anyone know if the Su-27SM3/SM2 could carry the R-73M or R-74? That would be quite noteworthy if so)

It will not be best, wt is too specific, where targets can be mad, just because they seen missile on radar from 50km.
Amraam have less drag while turning

About 73M - it can
But for 74 you need to produce it first

Didn’t quite understand what you meant by this. Could you explain what you meant a bit better please?


Seems pretty realistic to me.

Were they not in production/service yet? I was under the impression both the R-74 and R-74M (and apparently a newer one called the 74M2 but haven’t read up on it too much) were in service with Russia. Or was it just not produced at the time it existed?


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worst thing about j11a is that annoyingly large chinese flag that you cant remove.

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sums up mig25 lmao

Your either lying out your ass or your head is full of rocks if you would take the AIM-54 over the R-27ER.


Lmao its a name not a dick, dont take it so hard

victim see missile on radar and starts moving into different course, suck energy from missile.

It is.

They might be in service, but not in massive production
And same with 74M

China can reasonably expect buffs, and will largely take the mantle of “decent USSR weapons” going forward. Look forward to the immense Russian cope XDDD