Buff The SU-27SM / J-11A Or Fix The R-77

I don’t know what Gaijin was on but I want that, the R-77 is currently underperforming HUGELY and nothing has been said about it by Gaijin and their employees so far. This is a yearly like thing, USA is the top dog then the USSR and this usually shifts but at this stage it has gotten substantially worse.

The AIM-120 currently reigns supreme over all other types of missiles and this mostly effects vehicle such as the SU-27SM and J-11A and mainly because of their poor platform, god awful radar and mediocre missiles (the R-73/E and the R-77).

The J-11A is the worst case here however, it still has the SPO-15LM, still has the N001 so only 1 datalink channel and has the worst top tier (13.0) platform which makes the cherry on top.

Thoughts about how the SU-27SM and J-11A are currently performing?



the su-27sm has no solution. that’s why there is the SU-27SM3 whith R-77-1 and more power engine


Unrelated but how does the Su-27SM compared to the MiG-29SMT in general gameplay viability? I own both the base MiG-29 and Su-27 so IDK which Fox-3 carrier I should grind first

For BVR and long range engagements the MiG-29SMT should be better thanks to its significantly better radar but overall the SU-27SM should be superior.

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It has MAW so clearly it is equal to 27SM/F-15/16C 🙃

MAWS only works in certain aspects and has a short detection range, there has been times I’ve gotten a missile warning and died instantly in BVR engagements. MAWS is something to absolutely not rely on and its like a thin layer of reassurance which does the job in minor areas.

Want to know what’s better than a gimmicky MAWS? A actual digital RWR which can discriminate aircrafts and shows their specific range and direction.

If you were being sarcastic ignore everything above lol ^^


There is no point in playing anything that isn’t america in air anymore. Good job mutts, you won… Enjoy your constant civil war now


“Worst BVR missiles” huh? The Derby would like to have a word with you at 53km in the sky.


All of the Flankers need new flight models.

J-11A’s SPO-15 should be replaced by a KJ8602, as it is modelled as a J-11A MLU ingame.
Radar should be a N001VE, but i need sources.

Either the R-77 is underperforming (just like every FOX-3 that isnt the 120) or they need R-77-1. Maybe J-11A MLU can carry PL-12, there are probably pictures or documentation somewhere.


Since the release of this update I haven’t died to an R-77 yet. That’s how bad they are.


why are you crying?

Since release of update i didnt die to fox3, when i also have fox3…

When there was only R-27ER - you didnt write anything about balance.
ANY fox-1 missile(except 27ER) cant do same stuff, as R-27ER.
Best speed? R-27ER
Best range? R-27ER
Best maneuverability? Still 27ER.

And yes - R-77 not underperforming, it have specific fins, that give maneuverability, but takes a lot of speed.

Implemention of LOFT in game also… not very good, only doing worser in game.

You still have R-27ER, that superior by speed and range. Just use it properly.

And why you crying about r-77? There is still missiles like MICA, Derby, that worser by range.

SPO-15 still not starting to give false information, like when you turning on your radar - it didnt find yourself as attacker for your rwr, as must be IRL.

Overall - i understand that red side starting to cry, when they have not best missile/tank/etc.


Build better planes next time


build trash planes, focus on promoting them in propaganda instead of real capabilities, cry when the propaganda doesn’t live up to reality, the Russian main way


But F-16/etc cant cobra for airshow!!1!1…
Pretty fun
Su-27 made for it’s graphs from manual
But still cant kill anythin


Russian players, the biggest crybaby sooks, always throwing tantrums when they don’t get to freely stomp everyone else with impunity, Sad!


The real F-15C MSIP II was armed with AIM-120C7 and AIM-9X missiles, so I don’t understand what you’re complaining about. You were given an artificially weakened opponent.

By the way, the R-77 missiles were not actually present on the Su-27SM because the Russians never procured them for their aircraft.


It depends, can be with 120A in 1992.
But in game we have 2005 version, so at least 9X and 120C-5

About R-77 - Russians atarted to have them in 2012/2011. And that was 77-1

As example - 120C-7 was made earlier

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