Buff Japanese Ho-155 30mm cannons

They’re god awful to the point they do literally nothing. Regardless of the belt, they behave more like ultra slow rate of fire bottom-barrel 20mm’s. The rest of 30mm’s are actually punchy, deal damage and cause fuel explosions or surface destruction. The Ho-155s do absolutely no damage regardless of the belt.

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Agreed, tho if its historicall that they are suposed to be inaccurate and slow sure. But they should oneshot like they were and like every other 30 mm does. They really do less damage and are less reliable than 20mms at this point. Still the brs of planes that has them should be lowered as they are simply way less accurate even if the damage is fixed. Like german Me 163 has inaccurate 30mms but they do reliably oneshot unlike ones on Ki-200 yet japanese one is 8.7 and german one is 8.0 because the japanese guns used to be accurate so it had the same br as german 20 mm Me 163 because its guns are accurate.