Buff flare hungry missiles

mostly for flare hungry missile from a diffrent nations like R-60 and others like Python 3 generally goes for flares easily and since the french matra magic 1 got a bit of flare resistantce kinda makes it unfair for the rest of the missiles


Nah man France needs one thing good in this game

france already got a lot of good things right now the main foucs should be around the air to air missiles that easily goes for flares

giving them a bit of flare resistance since when they are easily going for flares makes them annoying and a waste

Where is my Rafale

this topic is not meant for the next gen fighters it’s about buffing most of the missiles that are a flare hungry not a topic for another next gen fighters

you can create a topic about it but not here

the reason why those missiles are hungry for flares is simple.
the seeker i just not as good as on the 9Ls, 9Ms, R-73

i understand but being unreliable to at least impact the target if the enemy sees it makes it useless and often unusable

and since the matra magic 1 got buffed of it’s flare resistance it’s still unfair for the rest

Magic I flare resistance hasn’t been changed for “Sons of Atilla”. Magic II has received flare resistance, as is historical.

Also; have you used Magic I? It goes for flares like basically every other missile at the same BR.

yes i tried the magic 1 but when you get close to like at least 1km it just ignores flares i tried that with R-60 it really does not work

its true i got killed by magic 1 many times even tho i turned my afterburner off and flared so much they still get me from 2km