Buccaneer unrealistic

I just flew the normal tech tree buccaneer for the second time. I realised it uses its flaps to barrel roll, si at around 700 kph i wanted to deploy my flaps and immediately retract them. guess what, they ripped INSTANTLY. Does that make sense? They didnt even come out yet, whats ur opinion?

You were almost 200kph over the combat flap maximum deployment speed. It makes 100 percent sense that they would rip instantly when the speed is that high since they are only designed to handle deflection to combat at 518 kph not 700kph. Moving the flaps at all at that speed would likely always cause a failure of some sort of the flaps.


Over-speeding the flaps by that amount will certainly damage an aircraft but instantly ripping off is not that likely (especially if they didn’t even fully deploy) - Unfortunately the damage model for this is just a simple either “broken/ripped off” or “not broken” with out anything in between.

The flaps should also not rip off in a burning ball that falls to the ground (what’s there to burn?)

I’d prefer to see some in-between damage where you break it a little and it just doesn’t work right but it’s not that big of deal.


Yes, but the flaps are also the ailerons so they should fly off with the others immidately, at least like one second later when both are deployed, im not complaining about the inner flaps, just the aileron flaps. I think that should be fixed because it doesnt make sense when i press F and they are gone in the same instance

I think you got that the wrong way around - the aircraft has flaps and ailerons quite separate from each other.

The ailerons can droop to act as flaps at low speeds - but the flaps themselves are not ailerons, and do not contribute to roll control.

Drooping ailerons is a reasonably common feature.

Even with that, all flight controls have speed/deflection limits - you don’t get full deflection of ailerons at high speeds either.


I definitley see your point, i still wonder why they rip off the moment you deploy them at 950kmh, i tested it again, to do a barrelroll, they lift a bit, of course into different directions, but i just cant get it into my brain why the aileron flaps fly away with the inner landing flaps, maybe u can test it urself so ull get a better understandment of what im talking

too fast, aircraft is actually incredibly agile, just dont bring flaps out at too fast a speed, the acceleration is crazy like most british subsonic.

You have to manage your throttle and act accordingly, especially with wing load, G’s and control Surfaces.
It does not take long to reach rip-speed/overspeed.

An American general once said something along the lines of “trust Britain to create the fastest supersonic subsonic’s” or something to that effect.

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Likely they fly off because their droop is more angle than the ailerons could have at high speed and the flight model doesn’t include any limit for the ailerons deploying at that speed which I would imagine the real aircraft did.