Buccaneer S.2B RWR Not detecting Pantsir S1

Buccaneer S.2B RWR has E-J band, that means it should cover (E - F - G - H - I - J).

Pantsir S1 search radar band is “F” yet it is not appearing on Buccaneer S.2B RWR. And yes his search radar wasn’t OFF, a friendly F-16 pilot confirmed that it was appearing on his RWR as shown in the game chat image.

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do double check in custom

I don’t have a friend with Pantsir S1 now. Feel free to do double check in custom if you like,

I played multiple battles with Buccaneer S.2B in 12.7 against USSR and my RWR never showed “S1”. I was finding them by using the TV screen of AJ.168 missile.

This is not new by the way, many other planes have mistakes related to RWR Gaijin.net // Issues

Is the Pantsir the only SPAA in game that has a F-band search radar? I’m not on my PC so i go by Memory (and my memory is bad)



TOR also has F search radar

Should be, or at least it should be in the E-J band range as the F-16A/C have that range as well and detect the search radar of the Pantsir just fine.

Seems like a bug on the Bucc’s end here. Overall the RWR implementation is quite a bit of a mess, it’s cool but the implementation is quite disastrous if you look at the game files.

The thing with SIM difficulty however is that some RWR can not detect PD radars (as per the devblog), but I don’t know where it says in the game files which RWR have this limitation. They should still function normally in AB/RB tho…

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I can help testing if you want later tonight.

Oh okay,i asked this because if there were others in the game,i could’ve helped him somehow by finding someone with a F-band radar,but this info is still good for my general knowledge of the game

Yeah,i don’t have this plane but i really hope this gets fixed,i can’t imagine the frustration of being unable to see something that should be visible on your RWR

Not a bug. Pantsir has stealth

The RWR on the S2B is unfinished. Should telling you what is targeting you (like the Tornados do) wouldn’t the surprised if it’s basically a C&P of the S2 currently

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According to the game files, for most parts it pretty much is yes. It should have different RWR lights tho and be able to call out by name the S125, 2S6 and 9K330 (TOR).

Kinda dislike too how many RWR on naval aircraft have pretty much also have 0 information included about ground based radar systems, but idk if that’s realistic or not. So kinda suprised the Bucc S2B has the Tunguska and TOR at least. Not sure if it actually works in game tho… might be conflicting because the tungi and tor are in two groups in the code. The RWR lights aren’t visible either in the pic so I feel the entire RWR is just bugged in some other way.

Probably. I’ve got an open report for the RWR as well. In SB, the Roland 1s around an AF are pinging as “wr_threa” currently. Which I have a feeling is a bug and a indicator of how unfinished it is.

But it’s a British aircraft, we’ve never had an aircraft added in a good state. The average is over a year for an aircraft to have most issues resolved. Still waiting for aircraft like the sea harrier FRS1 or Tornado to be finished

Hello again brothers, I think I wasn’t correct 100%, the RWR of Buc detects Pantsir S1 but unidentified threat.

Me and a friend went to custom battles 1v1 to confirm it, check the image.

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That might be fixed if/when they finish the RWR. It should identify different air targets (like the Tornados do currently)

Oh okay,so basically the Pantsir is not inside the Buc’s RWR list. If that’s the only SPAA not present (which i really doubt,but whatever),is basically a self-confirmartion

At this point,before a fix is issued,my advice is to threat every “?” That pops on the RWR as a Pantsir,and give it the top priority to spot it with the camera and then destroy it (if that’s the case)

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Don’t mention that, months ago there was a bug in which i was unable to lock onto a target with a laser designator if there was an enemy with a laser jammer (T-90A or M1A1 HC most of the time) near it,even if the jammer’s FOV was outside of my laser designator

Tried to lock onto a Pantsir,the lock goes weeeeweeee and for a moment i thought that the Pantsir received semi-stealth capabilities in the form of a laser jammer

It’s incredibly inconsistent what radar’s do and don’t get included in the RWR lists of a specific radar. The only consistencies I’ve found is that naval aircraft RWR tend to have all ground based radar platforms removed from their lists, so it’s interesting that the Bucc at least got some, but definitely not all.

The rest I will chalk up to Gaijin’s bad QA in this department (it’s quite a unstandardized mess), like for example AN/ALR-56M on the F-16C can classify the Gepard’s TT as “AAA” but can not classify the search radar, instead just showing ? instead. Super stupid and probably an oversight, same with how the Gripen for some time was a question mark on all RWR and how the Mirage 4k was the same but even worse so, it didn’t even trigger launch warnings.

I can’t help but wonder if Gaijin can’t just make certain RWR library presets and just include them in the RWRs by some sort of import function or the use of a global RWR function. But oh well, maybe every RWR is unique in its library somewhere, so it’s not worth the hassle.