Broken Stealth belts on P-40E-1 and F-82E

The Stealth belts for the P-40E-1 and F-82E have tracers in RB battles. If you try to see this in test flight it will have proper stealth belts but if you do a custom mission or join an RB battle you will have tracers.

I dont have a technical document to submit a bug report, but I’m pretty sure even Stevie Wonder can see something is wrong if stealth belts have tracers.

Submit a bug report along with a screenshot of it happening. I did one for the AV-8B+ already.

Well, lets see if I get a “not a bug” response again…

Stealth belts for P-40E-1 and F-82E have tracers in RB // // Issues

2 weeks later still broken, no response for bug report.