British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Phantoms and older Harriers would have been able to use the old No.907, 916, 952 etc. RF fuze for airburst, from before No.960 MFBF was developed.


I wonder how much effectiveness they would have in WT though vs how bombs act currently? I can see it being useful on maps with a lot of built up terrain/cover which can stop/block HE blasts from being too effective.

though part of me has a wondering “how useful can these be as defensive bombs vs chasing enemy planes” given a higher altitude explosion is more likely to hit them xD

Literally a tactic used by the RAF, its in the Tornado GR.1 tactics manual on how to do it.

It’s also in the Harrier and Phantom ones IIRC. Probably Jaguar too.

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Gibb when! NGL its prob 1 of my favourite things to do in a Bucc or Tornado. I specifically put a defensive bomb on pretty much all my planes for that very option xD

it’s always a good lark bombing a heli trying to rocket rush

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i remember the one time i tried sending in a clip to the war thunder show was a defensive bomb in the buc on white rock fortress (i miss that old, terrible, terrible, map). carpet bombed the old A cap and got 4 tanks and the mig 21 who was chasing me.

Only video i have ever submitted was getting shot down in my BV238, landing softly on the enemy runway, then using gunners to kill 3 enemies who landed next to me

I’ve got a screenshot of me offensively bombing a heli somewhere lmao

the feeling you get having a GBU collapse the, already empty, skulls of heli players. i have a seething rage that cannot be put into words for heli players.

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what about heliplayers that spawncamp other helis?

its really funny watching a KA-50 panic as his flares do nothing to the hellfire doming his cockpit


Oh, i am the first to say that i do exactly that. The smile on my face watching ka 50 players rage in the chat at me for being “spawncamping scum”. THE worst addition to the game since 2013, drones are a pebble in the pond compared to my HATE for helis.

Killed a few Ka-50/52’s and a Mi-28 today in the Rooivalk.

Everything gets buffed, only HESH gets nerfed lol


Seriously??? Even ignoring the HESH bit HEAT-FS was already producing an inhistorically high proportion of damage compared to kinetic since the last change to it.

There’s some real random crap coming out of the dev server recently. Having done a few tests of where HESH is at the moment, I can’t imagine it needs to be worse.


People complain about the lack of he damage hesh produces and lack of actual damage the hesh effect does. reduces he effect even more…

glad I aced the Chieftain only using hesh before this change lmao

Man I love seeing them stupidly mash their flare button desperately trying to shake a Starstreak

It is so very very funny, sadly, fun police stopped allowing us to run our A/A missiles first spawn because they kill a T-80 once in every blue moon and can, lo and behold, dunk a BMP-2 straight off the bat.

Of course, they won’t move the 2S38 or Obj. 292 up, because it’s totally not unreasonable to front pen someone completely and totally. But you know.


Nothing new there then