British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

I wouldn’t hold your breath until we get an answer back from the devs.

Maybe ask here :)


Thanks, looks like someone else has already brought it up, though they didn’t seem to get a reply (yet)

Is this ours?

Hunter F. Mk. 6: radar: AN/APG-30 → ARI 5820

Radar gun sight on the F.6

As in the range finder thing or are we getting an actual radar gun sight?

It’s just whatever it got right now just a name change for all it’s worth though

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I’m aware this is the air thread, but something about my ZA-35 radar isn’t mathing



Also appears to be broken and is doing a right to left scan instead of a circular one, if someone could confirm that’d be great

Ur not the only one
But how tf did you got 438?

Mind if i drop your ss in the report?

Track something travelling anticlockwise, for some reason it adds it on to the scan area

sure go ahead




Welp, site gives me an error, so i will do it later when it will allow me

no worries

Could be worse, the search radar isn’t doing the typical spinny roundy thing. instead going left and right to 090

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desert warrior have thermal vision?
maybee some people have docs about this ?
its for ru forum

It should have thermals, they just aren’t on the dev server yet, I hope


Air-burst bombs. That’s pretty cool!

Yeah all the Jags, Harriers and Tornados support the Multifunction bomb fuse. Pretty sure it’s just set before take off so phantoms too.