British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

That’s a buff for the hesh, the offset gets lower not the radius.

With the new devblog for the F4F ICE they have confirmed aim 9L i. Would that mean we could expect to see the upgrade for the planes we used that carried them?

The persecution of HESH continues.

All of the aircraft that used L/i also could have the AIM-9M. Not really much point in having a worse missile over a better one.

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Fair enough, would make stock grind abit better for planes that have to grind out the M’s.

Yeah but “no stock IRCCM”
Unless we count Vatnik land, West Taiwan, and Fr*nce.
Also might I add that all of those aircraft have a HMS on top of IRCCM missiles


I had problems getting a lock with the AJ.168 on the Buccaneer S.2B. The weather was clear, and it was night. It seems that it doesn’t lock on at night. Is this expected? It doesn’t work in matches or in test flights. It says “AGM PWR” and nothing happens. It doesn’t lock onto vehicles, ground, or anything else.

Its a TV guided weapon. No TV guided weapon works at night.

Its one of the issues with Martels being incorrectly modeled as TV guided


Oh, I didn’t know that TV guided weapons don’t work at night. Thanks

Yeah, same thing with PGMs on the Tornado Gr1. I’ve been caught out by them as well.

Oh the sun isnt directly above the battle field? It must be pitch black, so good luck locking your pgms on that pesky first spawn pantsir defending the plethora of enemy cas… Has anyone actually killed a pantsir with the pgms? They either just shoot it down or tank the hit as the over pressure decideds not to prock.

The martels especially have the problem of not going as far as they should do, as ive had more than a few simply fall out the sky when they were fired from 10km up 15km away at a pantsir… (The buccaneer tends to work better when fightning pantsirs as it can actually dodge the missiles while firing off its payload).

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Is the gr1 jag supposed to have a better rwr?

GR.1A/B is definitely supposed to have a better one than the ARI 18223 it currently has. It is documented as having ARI 18228 Mk.13 Programmable Digital/Sky Guardian by 1991 when they got TIALD etc.
@Gunjob has an internal report for it, and there’s a ticket for it on the issue tracker. But AFAIK there’s been no change so far


There’s an issue tracker?

I see the Belgian/Dutch Meteor Mk.8 and Hunter Mk.6 get drop tanks added, but ours don’t.


Bizon 9/10. Strong and unique. Really glad it’s not another harrier or tornado. More variety is always good.

Don’t recommend it to anyone. I think it’s gonna be 12.0 soon. Because you know: strong + minor = +0.3

I’d have taken a tornado, hunter, harrier, Buc,.etc over it. I’d have taken literally anything over it

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Whats everyone grinding first the sea harrier or tornado?


Sea Harrier. But its going to be virtually unplayable in SIm unfortunately. but I can at least edge skirt with some bombs and get some of the stock grind out of the way