British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Russia doesn’t use anything sophisticated enough for a top down attack as far as I know, so it’s unlikely GJN ever bother to fix this behaviour.

I assume they can but I don’t know if its the bomb is harder to lock than a maverick but they often don’t.

You can also keep the Pantsir busy trying to kill you with the Gripen its pretty easy at around 10km to defeat their missiles.

I abuse the tendency for SALCOS guided SAM’s to over correct and start oscillate when the target is snaking. So crank the missile downward, into cold and snake. The missile will usually start oscillating and miss.


can you do a video example of that pls? Need to get my SEAD abilities back up there

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So 2 things:

  1. Can anyone explain to me how this SkyFlash DF missed? Was it just fired way too late? Or is this a prox fuse issue? or is it just busted? (I’ve had a LOT of Skyflash DF just… miss lately. Decided to dust of the Phantoms I now I remember why Ive not flown them in over a year.)
  1. Just to check. Aim-9Gs are still rear-aspect right?

The Golfs were never not rear aspect…
Right nevermind I didn’t see the video first. The search reticle is below the gun sight. So the lower half of the screen. Idk if it’s true but still. Lima’s are still needed.

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Yeah G’s are like solidly rear aspect too, you’d think the seeker was the same as the 9B because J’s you can get those off-rear shots but G’s do not lock anything unless you’re solidly behind them.

Bug report it! Not gonna set the world on fire, but would be a cool change.

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they just suck lol

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Above rMin, probably outside of the LSZ and against a worse case target. (Look down and side aspect)

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Before the launch
After the launch (9G)
just sayin

The seeker on the Phantoms is abit lower than the gun sight;



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Ahh yes sorry I didn’t see he’d expended all the SFDF.
Hes right at the bottom of the launch window on a side aspect target, I’m betting its outside of the LSZ.

no he wasnt lol, albiet the Rmin value is more of an estimate and its still close to R-min

this is where terminology comes in, there is no NEZ indicator on the FGR.2, so unless the target doesnt turn, Rmin is unlikely to be useable.

Closest I could get it but the seeker couldn’t see the target.

Thanks all so far. Im glad I wasn’t going totally crazy on that skyflash shot

nah they genuinely just suck. If you roll fast enough they lose track and they have less range than if you took it and threw it

so just expect them to miss at least 90% of the time

Thats just a given for Playing Britian

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welllll my experience with the skyflash comes from sweden…

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Ah. But still a British missile unfortuantely.