British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

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Yeah Paveway III was a generational improvement to Paveway’s guidance system, with proportional control rather than “bang-bang”, and a wide-angle seeker.
There was to be a 500lb Mk.82 and 1000lb Mk.83 version called GBU-22 and GBU-23 respectively, but AFAIK they were never put in to production because the increased cost of PWIII doesn’t really justify its use on sub-2000lb bombs. Attacking high-value strategic complexes and hard-to-defeat targets became its task, while Paveway II was more general purpose by being affordable.

Ed:- It seems France bought GBU-22

In the vast majority of variants, PWIIIs are bunker-penetrating munitions apart from the GBU-24/B that uses the regular Mk.84 2000lb GP bomb.
In UK service Paveway III was an equivalent to the US GBU-24A/B, which has a BLU-109 2000lb penetrating bomb. But ours had a slightly different tail unit with an arming vane for UK fuses.
AFAIK GBU-24/B was cleared on RAF airframes even if MK.84 bombs weren’t in the UK’s own munitions inventory.


I will be happy if that is fixed, however I must say Hellfires now work FAR FAR better than they did for a long time.

Thats good, but do not stop with fine, aim for the best!

Time for Brimstone then :P

I can make a bet that mmv seeker will miss 70%of the time


That is of course assuming it has MMV seeker at all

The brims cant be only SALH. It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to guide using only laser.

But would that stop gaijin?

It should…
But we are still years from brims, as mmv would be too op, smoke would not block them. Unless we will get the smoke with chaff, then it will be fine

Just wait until we find out they are added with a MCLOS guidance :D

I hope we arent that far away. Id hope for them on something like the Tornado Gr4. I dont think we should have an Iconic weapon system and ultimately the aircraft that carried them delayed dramatically just because of people who play in tanks not liking them. Would be amazing fun in ASB.

I think the only thing to do, is to put a cap on how high of a BR you can bring to GRB. So if the Tornado Gr4 with Brimstones is added at 12.7 but make it so that no higher than 12.3 can be brought to an 11.7 match or something. Kinda annoying how much gimping aircraft get just because of GRB


Like we have on the AGM-12B Bullpups on the Buc S2

It was not for what the guidence is, it was to the addition with it.

Ah. I see. Hey, I really wouldnt put it past Gaijin to nerf it through the ground becasue “the soviets couldnt do that, so surely britian cant do that”

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Speaking of which I heard somewhere that there was AP versions of the bullpup. Can someone corroborate?

(I realise this is mainly an air thread but there is no ground equivilent to throw this on so I’ll leave it here for now so I don’t forget, it also concerns AA)

So another tangent to the long list of British weapon ISSUES in game, is the BESA machine gun, this weapon is equipped in THIRTY FIVE vehicles in game, not including the Czech built types but there is a noticable issue with it.
So the BESA came in five marks you can see here:

As per the Cromwell manual


Now you may have spotted the issue, that every single iteration in game we have a fixed low rate of fire. I’ve never really felt the need to complain about it, the MG rarely is killing vehicles, but a sudden thought occured to me.

This also applies in game to the AA version. The one use you really really want the high rate of fire for…



Also interesting the Mk III didn’t enter service til August 1943, so about half of the vehicles using it, including the AA should have the option for the high rate of fire. As it’s a coaxial I’m not sure it would be easy to do on the tanks (maybe a modification option?), but for the AA surely it’d work like a few other tanks in game where you can set main gun ROF to low or high such as M163 VADS.

Here’s a nice video of the ZB37 firing at both high and low rate of fire for those curious to see it.


Can the pantsirs not shoot the GBU out of the air before it reaches them?

If they decide to do so they can