British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Hopefully they add it to everything else that carried it, but we’ll need to wait for the dev server to see

When it open

Normally once the dev streams have finished


the missle test is probably live on the dev server

Some AMRAAM firing envelopes:

I also found some more AMRAAM document recently, so will have to start working through those a bit sooner than planned.

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Very disappointed in what the Martels look like. basically gunna be a useless weapon system for GRB. I just hope they work vs ships in ASB

I’ll be doing lots of reports on them. Hopefully either get them their proper guidance. Or at least buff their current guidance.

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Yep, definetly gunna be needed. But if they are dependent on TV seeker to lock onto a target, then they are always gunna be fairly weak. TV seekers are just unreliable sometimes.

Though all round kinda a bit disappointed by the Buc S2B. Only 30 CMs seems very low, surprised it has so few. I guess then the Buc S2B got no new cockpit. Didnt see any evidence of even a naval radar for it at long last.

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The main selling point to me for Bucc was the Martel, right now it acts like a phat maverick with about 50% chance to hit a stationary target. Very sadge.

Everything else it does, other jets do better and on that BR, just take a jaguar for laser bombs for example.

I really do hope they give us a better man in the loop system or increase its accuracy because its a real shame right now.


Did they ever fix the BOL IR’s btw or are they still just the worst flares in-game?

Yep, when the choice is between Jaguar Gr1A and the Buc S2B for CAS. The Jaguar is faster, with better Tpod and with more CMs. The only reason to take the Buc was the ability to fire a Martel beyond the range of any SPAA

Did the Tornado F3 & SHAR FA2 get Aim-120A or C?

Tornado F.3 got the AIM-120B and AIM-120C-5. Sea Harrier FA.2 got the AIM-120B.

Cool beans, is there much difference between the A & B?

No real difference, at least in terms of what matters in game.

Martel range too low: Community Bug Reporting System


GR.7 got its MAWS!