British super props

Sea Fury FB 11 or SeaFire FR 47? I have just spaded both, which do you prefer and why?

Or mabe you like tempest


Tempest is better than both, the Seafires really aren’t very good at their br’s.

Sea Fury is okay but it could be better but the Tempest II is pretty good-ish.

I have to say, I don’t really think any of them offer the same performance as those in other trees in that bracket.


Sea Fury is fine. Seafire sucks.

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Sea fury would be great if it did not keep rolling to the left while using free look. I realy like the fury aprt from its issue

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I am getting lots of comments in game chat about the sea fury, like its a botched job, dont fit the current meta, even had 1 guy get close to saying i should fly typhoon and felt sorry for me and j’d out lol

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I prefer the Tempest from an armament perspective, it’s got decent speed, great maneuverability, and can bug out if you’re getting chased by a BF-109 at low altitude. I really like the Typhoon with the 12 pop-guns.

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I agree with Rileyy3437, I think the Tempest is a bit better. But I still prefer the Spitfire Mk24 for British “super props”. Unfortunately, since I play AB and they still use the BR “averaging” thing for the line ups(I still do not understand why this has not been removed and the highest BR in your line up is not implemented, like the entire rest of the game . . . baffling) so low end jets are easily manipulated into the battles, so I just don’t play there anymore. Was the best prop battle set ups around, now just not worth playing . . . sadly. I find on par if not more disturbing than the late WW II tanks fighting Cold War and even Modern tanks . . just totally imbalanced most of the time . . . sadage
And yeah . . I like Sea Fury better of the two as well

I have great fun in the late typhoon

What ever happened to the Fury Mk10, did it ever make it into WT?

How can a Hornet Mk2 beat a P51h that is chasing?

You outclimb them and thats it.

Unfortunately never made it to the game like the Spitefuls.

Would have been nice to have 3,000hp.

Maybe one day we will see the Spits go down and things like the Spiteful and Fury added.

I figured all i can do is out climb them, im having fun with it though, for a all wooden plane not bad in the speed department. What is a spifful? Im guessing they kept the best of British out

I enjoy both of them, but I like the Seafire more because of the contra-rotating props. I think they do well in their BR when played correctly. Plus them Hispano Vs are fire.

There is something going on with gaijin towards britian like they are holding them back i feel much is ranked to high. Same with many tanks

I believe the reason some of the planes are over br’d is because of their performance in the past, like the 6.7 and 7.0 Spitfires. Plus quad cannons on alot of them makes them just wreck with their amazing climb rates.

Yeah the Mossie is the same not too bad considering its wooden.

It was an evolution of the Spitfire, but not really a Spitfire anymore, it took everything they’d learned and made it better.

Supermarine Spiteful and Seafang Fighters | Old Machine Press

Unfortunately, not quite as majestic as her prior developments, but by god was she slender.

The Supermarine Seafang was a naval development of the Spiteful fighter of  the Royal Air Force. Only 18 were built before production was halted in  favor of new jet aircraft. See comments

To compare to the MK.24 it is basically faster, with still rather good turn performance but it is worse at slow and low speed dogfighting.

Believe it or not britian used to hold many speed records and still do but in WT britian is slow

I am a Spitfire man through and through, nothing can match the Griffon Spitfires in my eyes, particularly the MK.23

Spitfire MK23 | Ww2 aircraft, Supermarine spitfire, Fighter jets

I could imagine if gaijin added that its rudder would lock up