British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain

I love how they made mine sweeper as dozer blade. It’s mine sweeper, it’s not supposed to dig trenches

let’s goooo


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@Smin1080p nobody asked, almsot no one wanted another copypast vehicle, what is the reason to add T-90S to britain? Explanation in announcement isn’t explanation, it’s just a nonsense excuse. Why not add something original and related to britain about what people are asking? Let’s add whole Kubinka museum to soviet tt. Add Maus, add Strv103, Pattons, Centurions, etc. Add italian vehicles that were tested in Russia. Add Pantsir to USA ang Germany. Why do you keep killing uniqueness of tech trees? Maybe gaijin should start to listen to public?


to laugh and eat popcorn for those that watch it and complain. Personaly i like the diversity and as long as not the top of the line vehicle gets put into another tech tree (damn you sweden) i support it

So do you support the T90S or not? because its 2nd to top vehicle in soviet TT. Personaly i don’t have issue with lower stuff like barebones T72As or shermans that any tree has but anything on rank VII should be out of the question.

Britain’s top-tier MBTs are generally niche and are typically geared towards methodical combat engagements. Because of this, additional export MBTs and other vehicles that have ties to some Commonwealth nations will allow for more options and new approaches to Britain’s gameplay

They literally said top tier which means Britain is gonna get top of the line tanks like the Leo 2A6M CAN and/or Leo 2SG, which is basically german top tier equivalent

@DanZet read again i did not say top tier, i said top of the line, russians current one is T80BVM and T72B3, but generaly i would say anything from 11.0 currently shouldnt be added in another tree

This is my biggest concern, a half cooked copy paste fest ignoring a long list of vehicles that could fill the same role, from british origin, many of which have been requested literally years ago in the suggestion thread. indian BMP’s filling the top of the line when they have a dozen brit equivilents is a likely outcome, and its just lazy and harms the tree in the long run


Exactly, Gaijin had every opportunity to reverse this decision when it was discussed last patch. Instead of listening to feedback and taking action, they doubled down on it and gave us an extremely weak excuse as justification for their laziness. And it’s not only harming the British tree but also harming the nations they’re taking from as well.

From what I’ve seen, a lot of people don’t want this, including the guys in the RU forum. Hopefully they actually do a reversal from all the backlash this time.

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I read it correctly the first time. I just find it stupid to limit this to end of the line vehicles when that can change any time. When T90M gets added is T72B3 free game? Should challenger 2s go as squadron to diferent TT just because Black night is end of the line vehicle? What about Leopard2A5, Ariete, Leclerc or merkava Mk4B?. There shouldn’t be any tier VII or VIII squadron vehicles

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literaly sweden even as tech tree and not squadron

Aye the logic there isnt really sound, as in mine and most peoples minds the t-90 is top tier, as well it kind of is, on account of it playing in that bracket.

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theoreticaly that is the challenger 2e

I mean hey what battle rating would they even add the T-90 Bhishma at

My guess is 10.7

but like i said everything from 11.0 onwards shouldnt be done everything you named is 11.0 or higher

yeah 10.7 or 10.3

According to a possible leak its 10.7

this leak smells like BS. there is mi8 twice with diferent spelling as well as it using tank crew experience instead of plane one like it should. but we just need to look at T90A to see its probalty gonna be 10.7 maybe 10.3 if they decide that shtora and 3bm60 are good enough for 0.4 Br bump

they are all same tier and some are even less of an end of the line vehicle than T90A.

i dont know it seems pretty solid in terms of the stuff they have announced and the brs presented look ligit. regardless is the thing is going to be playing at top tier