British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain

I’m a British ground main, I’ve researched every British tank, I know a lot about IRL tanks, I really don’t want T-90S to go to Britain. There’s SO many better options for Squadron vehicles, my two favourite are probably Challenger 1 Falcon and EE-T1 Osorio.


EE-T1 Osorio was a very impressive Brazilian MBT project from the late 80s early 90s, it’s relation to Britain was that the Vickers tank company designed and built the turret part of the vehicle. This version has the 105mm L7A3, the EE-T2 export version featured a French 120mm.


Challenger 1 Falcon is almost the reverse, the hull is a Jordanian Challenger 1 known locally as Al-Hussein, but the turret is a Jordanian (and possibly South African?) low profile turret with a smoothbore RUAG 120mm L/50 gun.

Other candidates for a 9.7-11.7 BR Squadron tank include: Vickers Mk 4 (105mm L7A3), Vickers Mk 4 Valiant (120mm L11A5), Al Hussein Hybrid (Challenger 1 with a RUAG 120mm Smoothbore in the standard turret), Challenger 2 CLIP (early 2000s CR2 with 120mm Smoothbore), Vickers Mk 7/2 (basically Vickers Mk 7 but with an improved turret) and even India’s domestic Arjun MBT, it’s not related to Britain at all really but it’d make more sense than getting an Indian service Russian MBT. Some of those British tanks I’d also really like to see in the tech tree but one being a Squadron tank wouldn’t be too bad.

Who should get T-90s?

  • Russia should get T-90S
  • Britain should get T-90S
  • Someone else should get T-90S (South Asia tech tree?)

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What should Britain get instead?

  • EE-T1 Osorio
  • EE-T2 Osorio
  • Challenger 1 “Falcon”
  • Vickers Mk 4
  • Vickers Mk 4 Valiant
  • Al Hussein 120mm RUAG
  • Challenger 2 CLIP
  • Vickers Mk 7/2
  • Arjun
  • Other

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Also in case someone replies that Britain isn’t getting T-90S, it was confirmed by Smin on old forums it’s still coming.

And lets call it what it is, it’s easier for Gaijin to make very very small changes to an existing model (T-90A) than it is to create models for relevant candidates for a Squadron vehicle, this is not a practice that should be encouraged.

Also using the old forums you can see this wasn’t a popular addition at the time.

Similar scandals include the Hunter F.58 going to Germany (still baffling to me and a frustration every time I see the thing), and the SK-105A2 debacle. Although the latter actually was resolved by Gaijin, Gaijin effectively gave the vehicle to both France and Germany after French players complained heavily.


Bhishma is fine by me. There are other variants of it that can go in the Russian tech tree that offer better protection than the Indian version


The Challenger Falcon always felt like an obvious choice for a UK squadron vehicle.

Pretty unique, strong connection to the UK.


Imagine petitioning for fewer tanks to be added.


British players have gotten so used to having paper-thin UFPs and side armor (arguably unrealistically) that they’ve clearly developed Stockholm syndrome.

It’s not an addition. Its a copy paste from another tech tree. By your logic just give everyone everything and that’s SO MANY ADDITIONS wow!!! And just add more tech trees copy paste each time, we could have a thousand additions a week! Genius!

I gave a lot of actual additions they could supplant T-90S with.


Show me which other tech tree currently has the T90S.

T-90S is just a T-90A without Shtora. The model will be the same. The same way Vickers MBT and Vijayanta is a copy paste model.


So what is your complaint again? If it’s just “a copy and paste” job then it should take up essentially zero developer time. It also does not mean that the UK tree will not get anymore vehicles added.

I’m genuinely confused about what you’re crying about.

Because Britain is a seriously neglected tree, we have huge gaps and the vehicles we do have are half finished at best. Just slapping a T-90 onto the british tree to give it a buff instead of actually fixing the vehicles we do have and adding the vehicles the community has been asking for for years is just a slap in the face and proof they dont care at all.


Probably Gaijin want add T-90MS for British.


I am likewise opposed to the T-90S being added to the UK. But not so much from the point of view of being against copy and paste, but from the point of view that we should not repeat the Swedish tragedy any more. If it is to be implemented, the T-90S should be implemented in Russia like the T-72AV, if it is made in the UK, it should be a model of some tank battalion of Challenger 2, and if we need Indian tanks, there are other options than the T-90S. We should never again destroy the framework of a country again.


And does stopping this tank from being added to the tech tree suddenly mean that all those gaps will fill up, and that they will suddenly action every bug report that has been floating around for X number of years? No.

At least this opens up options for different tanks to be added to the UK tree from previous colonies.

Its going to delay it. See Smins message attached above. The vehicle was delayed. Meaning they are developing a T-90 for the british tree INSTEAD of those bug fixes, misisng features or developing the vehicles the community actually wants. No one asked for a former colony russian tank to be added to the british tree. It will totally destroy the British tree and if that is their solution ot nation balancing is just to give every nation the tanks of the strongest nation, then the game is ruined anyway and we might as well scrap having nations


It will totally destroy the British tree

This tank sounds incredibly powerful to be able to do such a thing, even more reason to want it

It literally does mean that, them promising a British light tank line years ago, then added a South Africa line instead and said a “line” of British light armour was no longer planned, but maybe some interspersed elsewhere. It is to some extent a zero sum game, Gaijin adding ill fitting vehicles to the tree dramatically lowers the priority of adding actually relevant British vehicles to the tree.

But we can test your theory sure, since Ixwa strike where Britain got SA vehicles Britain has got 9 ground vehicles that were not South African. Most of these were copy paste models to some extent, Challenger 2 BK, 2E, TES, Vijayanta, Challenger DS.
In the same period a comparable nation like France has gotten 14 ground vehicles.
So no your theory is nonsense.

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I really want a scorpion light tank, but instead we got tanks ive never heard of before from south africa


So you are without pretence openly wanting an unbalanced game?
I could say that T-90A is the worst top tier MBT for Russia with it’s slow mobility, and relative to the T-80s, not broken damage model but I’m sure somehow you’d gymnastically add that to your argument.

British only get an incomplete sub-tree.
I haven’t seen the SA aircraft appear.