British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain

not gonna lie that mine plow looks sick

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Doesn’t matter whether they “add all the good stuff to other nations first”, UK should not be getting any of them - just like Germany had no business getting the Hunter fx, or Sweden the Mi-28A or the T-80U.



It’s all just business. And intellectual laziness.

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But its bad buissness, along with being lazy, as if more people were interested in playing the british due to them not getting the 10th copy paste challanger or mediocre south african vehicle they would be more inclined to play the tree, hence more potential profits.

Not quite exactly what happened, but yes, with relatively little effort I could come up with British counterparts to most of the South African tech line

Oh, they’ll make money from the largely untapped subcontinent market. It is also a lazy copy paste. So, it’s good business. But if all decisions are made based on what’s good business you eventually lose your way. One of the advantages of Gaijin is they are not publicly traded so they are not beholden to shareholders. They cans spare some profit to embrace love of the craft. This is NOT that. This is just business winning over the art. Sad to see.

I think gaijin and love of the craft went out of the window when they basically said bombers were never getting cockpits


Well realistically we wouldn’t see a new model for some time, but I’d prefer to wait for something actually British than take in all the dregs of other nations and water down the tree.

Or the niche holes that are filled by another nation. Like a canadian hawk because the british ones werent armed (i think) for 10.7 ish

But yeah, random nation sub trees just suck

The biggest issue is they are adding stuff which just sucks and then that is clearly taking up dev time. Looks over at hmcs terra nova, or hmas arrow for the british coastal tree for example, these ships are just terrible, and take the time and effort away from actual interesting coastal vessels britian developed. Then you can see its an afterthought like the QC for the ML we got where it is modelled so wrong it the entire model is incorrect.

Then you have last patch for ground where britian got effectivly nothing for ground, we got a copy paste vigjayjay, that wasnt even the IB which would have made it different from the normal vickers, and we got a harrigton mk IV, which is without debate the worst mass produced 2 pounder armoured car to see service with the british in ww2.

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Said mismodelling of ML if your interested

Oh yeah, totally agree. HMS renown in boardline DOA. Tornado F3 is DOA. 50% of our vehicles are DOA and the other 50% are unfinished/play with a handicap. Its called britain tax. Im fearing the typhoon because they wont allow it in its true form. It would be unfair for minor nations like Britain and italy to get something… competitive maybe even something meta

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The lack of ifv’s and light tanks is what annoys me and most people the most, When italy got the Hitfist 30 it would have been a quick model tweak to add the british equivilent, but no we got to soldier on with the warrior for 6 years XD

they have said this same spiel that we are getting ifv’s and light tanks but its been literal years, we know they develop 5 patches in advance so its just them gaslighting or making excuses

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If you want to really annoy Gaijin you should just go the other way and make suggestion posts for every single commonwealth tank, Al Khalid AKA MBT-2000 is this patch and makes just as much if not more sense than T-90S, it’s Pakistani.

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The T-90S fills no gaps other than the one in Gaijins Wallet (“but it’s free with Sqn research” - people will still GE it)

British Tier 7 Ground Forces:
6 x MBT’s
1 x AA
1 x SPG (that is also AA)

It doesn’t need another MBT right now

Just like the Hunter they’ll just side eye the issue, the only Dev response will be a token “suck it up buttercup”

The biggest issue is that they see this as a bandaid for the tree, which leads me to believe either 2 things:

The light tanks we need are nowhere near coming


They don’t care

Or maybe both


Basically the issue, we have a million mbts, we need lights and ifvs but that just isn’t happening which has been the status quo for at least 3 years now

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So it’s gona be another soviet vehicle that is better than version in original tech tree? Lower br due to lack of 3BM60 same as sweden T80U with lack of 3MB46 and also better turret armor?

Its just a lazy copy paste, they got called out on it and have slapped a dozer blade on the model, making it completely differed ;)

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I think adding the T-90 to the British technology tree was a wrong decision. You just need to look at how many Soviet or Russian made weapons and equipment India has. If Indian tanks were to join the UK in the future, the consequences would be unimaginable.


My big concern is now they are going to use this as an excuse to add indian BMP-2 and 3’s to teh british tech tree as a lazy fix to not adding the long list of british native ifv designs. We have literally dozens and they choose to ignore it.

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