British guns - they suck

The more and more I play this game the more frustrating it is, especially because I main the UK.

The problem is the guns simply suck. Gaijin recently up BR’d a lot of tanks in the line for no reason but these tanks already struggle at their BRs.

Now this may just be a problem of realshatter when gaijin has decreed is more realistic. But is isnt.

I have clip after clip of me shooting tanks in critical areas and the rounds doing nothing.

And the caliber? Doesn’t matter. 76, 105, 120 none of it matter. Dart rounds are the worst, you can even hit heavily armed tanks and it refuses to spall.

APDS is better but still atrocious. I hit a maus right in the side of the turret with a 120 APDS round from the conway and it literally did nothing when it penned.

I have better luck playing my AVRE with 165mm hesh - but even then somtimes Ive hit a BTR in the side and its done nothing. I know they were supposed to work on HE rounds (but they wont follow the roadmap for some reason) but really I think the only way is to get rid of realshatter.

Oh and british atgms? Good luck.


Agreed. On average takes 3+ rounds to secure a kill in my current tank, the Challenger Mk2/DS. On average it takes most opponents no more than 1 glancing blow to kill me. Nailed a tank the other day, through the side of his turret, into his ammo, Ammo went red, got a crit hit, he kept on trucking as if I had fired a potato at him.

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It’s not the guns that are bad though, it’s the way Gaijin handles APDS and solid shot in general. British are sadly always losing in this case for obvious reasons, and the fact that HESH is in the same situation doesn’t help

You have to keep shooting over and over. Ive had times where they just turn around and kill me.

Real Shatter is an aircraft thing.

Well they finally fixed that for aircraft at least.

But idk what they use for ground simulation.

My record was 18 crit hits on a tiger 2, no kill

Just physics simulation.
& APDS was buffed twice this year without nerfs.

and still does less damage than most

Thats a good watch, APDS was actually recently nerfed (or at least changed, with bad results)

Either way, if you play britain, you play with a MASSIVE handicap, easily the hardest nation to play in GRB

I’d consider that the changes to APDS (and APCR) shattering mechanics are most definitely a nerf.

When it comes to buffs I only see the buff to penetration, and only really on stuff like the “2nd gen” APDS rounds. On other “generations” of APDS rounds there’s nerfs (some massive nerfs), some buffs, and some inbetween.

I do not see where there is a 2nd APDS buff.

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Yeah no, I trust my own judgement over that man.
Especially since I exclusively use APDS on tanks that have it.
My most recent match being in Black Prince where I decimated the enemy using APDS.

Shattering has been in the game for APDS for 2+ years now, and my response: Don’t hit extreme angles.


It still doesnt perform like it should.
My 487mm pen 120mm round shouldnt shatter

Fun fact - that tank is now 7.7.
Nice going gajoob.

I’ve had rounds shatter on near flat targets. Unless 5-10 degrees is “extreme angles”

APDS should always shatter if it hits an extreme enough angle.
It only compresses length-wise, it’s extremely brittle in the side-to-side motion.
APFSDS should shatter, but Gaijin hasn’t perfected that yet.

The new shattering mechanics have nothing to do with extreme angles or not. APDS and APCR will just lose additional penetration when hitting multiple plates of armor. changelog:

  • Destruction mechanics of APDS and APCR rounds have been changed. Now, the projectile doesn’t destroy with impact, but loses armour piercing capability depending on thickness of the first armoured obstacle, as well as in the spaces between armoured elements affected.

Edit: These changes don’t apply to tungsten heavy alloy cored APDS rounds, like 105 mm M728 and 120 mm L15. Only tungsten carbide cored APDS rounds are affected.

Ive had that numerous times.

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I have a clip of hitting a maus almost flat on in the side of the turrent and while it penned - it did nothing.

I tried to take out his breech so he couldnt shoot my teamate but it couldnt even give me that option.

And thats 120mm APDS

17 pounder APDS is one of those APDS rounds which I consider falls “somewhere in-between”.

Their penetration at flatter angles (roughly 33º at close range) is improved, but anything past that and it is worse.

In the spoiler below I’ve put images of Desmos graphs that show the penetration of the 17 pounder APDS before the calculator changes (in blue) and the penetration now (in red) from 0 to 90º and at multiple ranges. Angle pen values were obtained via the slope modifiers for early and normal APDS rounds.

Penetration graphs

0 meters

500 meters

1000 meters

1500 meters

2000 meters

From 0 to 1000 meters, the new 17 pounder APDS performs worse above roughly 33º. Past 1000 meters, the old 17 pounder APDS penetration values simply start dropping much, much faster, so at 2000 meters they have basically the same high angle performance.

Also yeah, at above 80º there’s an abrupt change in the slope modifiers. That’s pretty much because the APDS will just ricochet at that angle, so the penetration past there does not really matter.