Britain top tier worth it

I have the challenger 2 and was going to tali the chally 1 mk3 to get the final 3. But with the worst round at top tier, and general state of top tier should I stop grinding UK?

Depends on how bad you want it. I’d love British air tree, but, I chose Sweden as my first, so I’m grinding Sweden air and ground, I wonder if it’s worth it sometimes, then leave philosopher mode and just grind my heart out, and usually get drained and have to take a break from WT’s regular BS, also probably a skill issue on my part, and being a non-premium user doesn’t help it at all.

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Oh yeah, I have over 20 premiums with premium time. I have over 6 lines fully researched. I legit wouldn’t play this game as a non premium at the minimum.

My time is worth more than the 50 bucks I spend. But to each their own.

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I just bought the Strv 103-0 as my ground premium, then ground out for a while :P

After I moved to air so I could have decent mixed battle vehicles, and have procured my goal, but still have a few ranks to go for ground and air, no premium time, just 1 tank, and half of German ground done, but it’s all really a personal thing, I personally think that Britain is definitely one of the nations of all time from the front porch looking in. Maybe the money and paying is just because I’m stingy with money :P

Worst round? Better tell the Soviets their round is tied with the worst round… and the French, Chinese, and Swedes.

Cautious assertiveness, that’s the label I give Challenger 2’s best playstyle to my knowledge.

If you can make the Challenger 1 work the Challenger 2 isn’t that different, just harder competition.

2E and 3TD aren’t super slow and the latter has L/55 DM53, not the worst round at all. If you want it, go for it

If you want meta you’re in the wrong nation lol.

The leclercs and Chinese round has more pen than the chally minus the 3

Yeah, the chally 1 isn’t dealing with BVM and leo 2a7 that’s the concern. I may just go for it

Yeah you should it make you stronger playing it

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The Challenger 2s are niche but usable. But the overall line up isnt the strongest currently. 10.3 is definetly the last time Britain is decently well rounded. Not that top tier is bad though. but we could really do with a dedicated SPAA system and a really good IFV at 10/11.

But the Challenger 2s have issues a mile long, but starting with the next major update. They might be getting fixed. So it really comes down to how much you want the Challenger 2s.

That being said, Sticking with a 11.3 line-up and avoiding the 11.7s does seem to net quite a few downtiers recently. Whilst the BN, 2E and 3TD have notable advantages, The 2, 2F and TES arent to be scoffed at either, if played to their strengths.

I do highly recommend downloading an alternative sight for the tanks via WarThunderLive. It makes such a difference, as you need very accurate shot placement

A core strength of our top tier line up though is our CAS. The Tornado Gr1 is a bit of a powerhouse of a CAS with the PGMs, so long as you dont encounter any Pantsirs and the Apache is very good too.


In my opinion the real top tier of Great Britain is 10.3, just a fantastic line up.

Im sure its been said already, but honestly wait till the new major and see how they rework Challenger 2s as that will decide whether they become relevent (for the first time since their introduction into the game) or stay dead.

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Not sure why the next update would matter while the Abrams robbed the 1 thing that made the CR2 different from the big 3.

Because theyre reworking the CR2 damage models.

Is that going to include the wall of ammunition propellant protecting the engine?

We will have to wait and see.

I think the main change coming is a new mantlet. The hope is this will give us much better protection in this main weak area

but I do also think there is also several outstanding bug reports regarding the ammo (it shouldnt be so easy to detonate), the armour around the ammo and even the ammo placement.

The Leclerc’s round has the lowest spalling though.

UK top tier only for cas enjoyers. Ch 2 never gonna be meta MBT so If you play mostly MBT than skip it and grind other nation (Sweden best choice).

Im currently making my way through the british TT and i yet have to reach challys, but ive played my fair share of top tier against them.

From meta standpoint, they are prolly not worth it IMO.

Meeting chally 2 anywhere outside of hulldown is akin to running over a speedbump at high speed.

Take that as you will.