Britain Naval Tree - What’s left to be added for all BRs

I dont follow this logic. Soviets were technologically able to make the same grade of steel, the problem was huge amount of money that would cost. The same amount of money that made them quit the project.

Also Kronstadt in game right now is made of glass, almost as easy to ammorack as Alaska, so no idea what would be the point of this nerf?

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Why not? Isn’t everyone in this thread already agree for Lion class to be added sometimes in the game? Actually what we discuss is not ‘is Lion class possible in game?’ but ‘is HMS Lion and HMS Temeraire both availiable in 1938 form and 1942 form?’


IIRC the Soviets could make the plates of that thickness for Kronstadt, its the plates on the Sovetsky Soyuz that should be nerfed to be 2 plates of 8.25 inches thickness.

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This, the Lion class should be added and I think they should be added in the configuration from when the hulls were scrapped (1943) as that’s how they intended to build them.

I also am currently making a suggestion for Lion 16e-38 as a gun was built and that A-150 Super Yamato suggestion got approved so its fair game.

nah actually they solve the problem by importing armor plate from Switzerland. No two plates.

Where did you see that I would be curious to look into it (not being hostile just haven’t seen that)?

I’ve seen that they ordered turbines from Switzerland as they couldn’t do the fine machining required and that the plates thicker than 9 inches were to be either split into two plates or using face-hardened armour rather than cemented armour depending on the ship.

I would say that in the end it doesn’t really matter if they have or haven’t ordered the plates from Switzerland since the plates could have been ordered from quite a lot of different countries.

Germany comes to mind since Soviets did have partnership with them and even ordered turrets for Kronstadt.
Or maybe Czechoslovakia since they also had some relations and Witkowitz was already delivering plates to the UK and should have enough know-how how to manufacture the plates for USSR.

The reason I think it matters is because from what i’ve seen there are two options. There is the two cemented plates option which is like a Littorio style if it was soviet and didn’t work reducing armour thickness.

Or there is the face-hardened option which is heavily brittle and will crack from 1-2 hits from larger calibres. Again reducing armour effectiveness.

The thing is i’ve seen soviet references that say they will achieved the desired armour thickness with face hardened armour which wouldn’t be as bullshit as 16.5 inches is ludicrous or they will use 2 plates of cemented armour.

Russia should not get dream ships without their real caveats.

I haven’t seen anything saying they’d order foreign armour

Yup, but it remains to be seen. Magazines or shell rooms that are juuust above the waterline can comprimise the entre ship.

Theres also the issue that Gaijin contiues to insist on maps taking place in very short ranges for battleships to slug it out. So while KGV does have the thick armor to be more useful, she wont have the guns to combat the more meta German turtlebacks.

Meaning we’ll have a situation where a Bismark would have sufficient guns to pierce through KGVs armor while the British ship in incapable at penetrating tbe magazines.


Yeah Bismarck is probably going to curbstomp KGV (No matter my personal views on that)

Armour should be pretty resistant to detonation bar Japanese Late 1930’s-1940’s shells designed for underwater travel.

File:KGV-Armor Scheme.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

IIRC waterline should be around where it says " 1 3/4 IN. To 1 1/2 IN." that horizontal plate underneath it should be the waterline region. Meaning to ammorack you still have a lot of the belt (though it gradually thins off, plus the ‘turtleback’ plate. Plus you’d have to penetrate underwater too.

it would be nice to see maps that have the actual ranges the ships battled at but mabye 30km+ maps might be to big or mabye even bigger if you want time to avoid engaments but in theory when you get out to ranges of plunging fire you should be able to get into ammo racks easier

I think that would be cool but to make that viable they’d have to limit repairing to a degree.

Damage control sure but for example rangefinders and other stuff would need to be limited so you can narrow off the distance out of necessity.

d’you mean that in the sense of “KGV won’t be able to hurt Bismarck because 14 inch guns” or “Bismarck will hurt KGV because KGV armour sucks” ?

I mean that in the sense of 'KGV will likely struggle to pen the main belt, through the turtleback and the turrets at 10km.

I also mean that KGV’s actual tradeoffs made for armour won’t count for as much given Gaijin doesn’t model separate armour classes.

For WT purposes, I imagine KGV will likely just lose but we will see.

My hopes are still there, and if she still loses, we have a whole host of other ships to add to contest Bismarck.

I am kinda getting to the point where im starting to debate if KGV would be a suitable addition right now considering we have no top tier BB.


Sorry for late answer as my compter’s graphic card is currently dying and I’m just waiting for new computer on this Thursday. Sources would be one of this(It’s been long year since I read this two books and hard to remember)


KGV and other Royal Navy’s fast battleship design at 30’s and 40’s were extremly survivable design, even at shallowest waterline shell room and Magazines are pretty below the waterline. Which other nation’s fast battleships design never reach.

Don’t worry. Even Yamato’s APC could not detonate magazine of Bismarck class on side. But on bow direction, it would be one of most easiest battleship to detonate magazine as there are no icebreaker as Scharnhorst.

No please. I don’t want to see my round flying more than one minute.

As I said above, even Yamato’s APC could not pen turtleback. So not the problem of KGV. And actually it’s not turtleback-bias.


Cheers for the reply, I don’t mind if it’s ‘late’ or not. These look to be interesting reads, ironic that it would seem the best ship in the game may be Soviet despite their historical inability to build anything resembling a super dreadnought.

Yes not the problem with KGV, my concern is mostly that as there is still no flooding and irrepairable breaches seem to be inconsistent there’s no way to quickly kill Bismarck or even fatally wound her through flooding, meanwhile Bismarck will be slinging off some excellent 15" shells every 26 seconds whilst KGV may be unable to even take out her turrets or reloading mechanisms.

HE Spam may work against the AA though.

Definitely not. Project 23 class has its shell room above the waterline and magazine directly below the waterline(like Yamato), even worse than that of Kronshtadt. And without angling, and with recent penetration buff, even KGV could penetrate Project 23’s side armor with ease.

Bismarck’s turret is weaker than Scharnhorst(thickness is same but vertical part is much larger than those of Scharnhorst’s). Of course it is not an easy fight for KGV to fight against Bismarck, but actually with close range(and considering displacement), Bismarck is level against Iowa, Yamato, Lion, not a Colorado, Nagato, KGV class.

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Nelson’s deck armor was upgraded in 1938

That’t true. I meant to refer to the proposed deepening of the side armour.

Besides, that upgrade was outside of the citadel anyway.

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Developers had confirmed that this is a bug and will be fixed in the near future.