Britain Air Tree - What's left to be added for all BRs

They denied any Typhoon airframe coming soon, DA variants included otherwise believe me we would’ve leapt upon it like dogs.

Its predecessor was slated to carry Foxhunter and they’re a family of aircraft, its a loose argument but the radome was designed to be able to fit in a Foxhunter sized radar, with the flight data-recorder instead taking that place. This isn’t actually the issue with the proposal, primarily its the intent although carrying weighted mock-ups is proof they at least considered it its apparently too loose.

There’s not really much else that you could use to prove it though, I was told the design study would have had it use the Tornado’s avionics package (Radar, RWR etcetera), on that airframe but although EAP is no longer classified, you have to request the information on it, which takes a while.

If I ever get the design study which was apparently ‘extremely favourable’ I will be sure to give it to Gaijin.

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Short list of things I found while poking around that I think would be fun but also not redundant. Will be updating over time.

Short S.45 Seaford - Basically an upgunned, faster Sunderland with more bomb load


Mosquito FB.42 - prototype Australian conversion of Mosquito FB.40 with Merlin 69 engines with more power and tuned for higher altitudes

I don’t actually have a picture or serial number of this plane, so normal RAAF Mosquito for illustration


Mosquito B.35 - Mosquito bomber variant with Merlin 113/114 engines

Canberra B(I)8 - Similar to the interim B(I)6, but a dedicated variant with a revised cockpit and rocket pods

Canberra B.15 - Similar to B(I)6 but without the cannons and AS.30 missile capability


Tempest MkI - aerodynamically clean Tempest allowing for the fastest speeds ever for the type, although the raw power to weight is lower

Sea Mosquito TR.33 - Similar to FB variants with machine guns replaced with a search radar, torpedo bomber capability and RATOG

Venom FB.1 (VV612) - Venom fitted with reheat intended for but never used on Venom NFs, estimated 30% increase in static thrust on Ghost

Lightning F.2 - Lightning unburdened by weight increases found on F.6, choice of 2 nose mounted ADEN and 2 Firestreak or four nose mounted ADEN


(Presumably those Firestreaks are drill rounds because it was either Firestreaks or four cannons. Picture shows overall shape of F.2 well and shows bottom cannon location)

Bristol Bisley - prototype ground attack conversion of the Blenheim, good low tier option (suggesiton on new forum inside)


Bristol Type 160 Bisley MK.I: Aerial Attacker

F-111K - partially constructed F-111 for the RAF. IMO the TSR.2 is a great plane but not a direct counterpart to the F-111 like was said in the original post (suggestion link inside)


General Dynamics F-111K Aardvark: The Vark goes British

Sea Vixen FAW.1 - Because we need a tech tree version


Brigand TF.1 - early Brigand with effectively the same loadouts as the current one, plus a .50 caliber dorsal gunner and provision for a torpedo

Buckingham B.I - predecessor to the Brigand, medium bomber with dorsal, ventral, and fixed forward guns with up to 4,000 lbs of bombs


Hawker P.1081 - swept wing derivative of the Sea Hawk with a much higher top speed, provision for 20mm cannon

Supermarine Type 510/517/528/535 - Predecessor to the Swift, supposedly had provision for wing mounted 20mm cannons but that's a little iffy

Type 517 pictured

Gloster F.9/40 (DG204/G) - A few online sources refer to this as the "F.9/40M" but it doesn't seem official. Meteor prototype with axial-flow Metrovick F.2 engines underslung beneath the wings

Hawker Fury (LA610) - The fastest piston-powered fighter ever made by Hawker, and one of the fastest of all time. Based on the Tempest with an aerodynamically clean front housing a 3,000 horsepower Sabre engine.

Vampire FB.31 - similar to the prototype Vampire F.2 previously mentioned in this thread but with fighter-bomber capability, Australian Vampire powered by the 5,000 lbs thrust Rolls-Royce Nene.

Sea Venom FAW.22 - Sea Venom with more powerful Ghost 105 engine, AI.22 search/track radar, and (supposedly) Firestreak integration. The only Firestreak armed Sea Venoms I've seen are FAW.21s using them for trials though

Harrier GR.5 - Harrier II airframe without guided bomb capability or BOL rails, AIM-9L max, simpler RWR/ECM system

Harrier GR.9A - Harrier II with the uprated engine of the AV-8B+, Brimstone AGMs and (ideally) SNIPER targeting pod

Hawker P.1067 - Prototype Hunter, would have lower velocity ADEN Mk.1s (think MK108 but ADEN rate of fire) (suggestion link inside)

Hawker P.1067: Birth of a Hunter

Valiant B.2 - prototype Valiant with much more powerful engine and excellent low level speeds of up to 1,030 km/h, however lacks countermeasures

CF-100 Canuck Mk.4B - Indigenous Canadian jet fighter armed with eight .50 caliber machine guns, rocket pods and engines with reheat


Hurricane Mk.V - Prototype Hurricane with a 1,700 hp engine optimized for low level flight. Same ordnance as the Hurricane Mk.IV with the 7.7mm machine guns being proposed to be replaced by Hispano cannon


Bristol Type 123 - early 30's prototype biplane with exceptional speed and handling. Excellent reserve tier addition


Hawker Tornado - prototype aircraft meant to supplement the Typhoon, one armed version powered by a Centaurus radial

Maryland Mk.II - Martin 167 with supercharged engines


Baltimore GR Mk.VI - Martin Baltimore with .50 caliber forward firing and turret guns, plus ability to carry a torpedo


I might be wrong but isnt the sea vixen a Premium purely because it would be hard to play for regular players?

Due to it only having mid missiles at best

The lack of gun was always my guess, especially at a BR where most are use to still gun fighting

Though I do agree, we need a TT version, I want those intergrated rocket pods


Originally yes, it was a premium due to its lack of guns. The FAW.2 at least got Red Top while the FAW.1 is stuck with Firestreak, so that’s an even harder sell. However Sea Vixen XF828 was armed with four ADEN guns before the concept was ditched and replaced with the internal rocket tray. I’m ok with a little historical “leeway” to get a tech tree Vixen by putting the guns on the Firestreak armed FAW.1



Guns on a sea vixen would be really good imo, i loved playing it when i had it on test drive

Although i kinda want some more unique jets rather than premiums being made in TT aircraft, something like the T.545 would be a fan favourite of mine


Speaking of Lightnings, I would love to see a Sea Lightning FAW.1 or even the F.7. Its a shame those proposed variants never got anywhere

Proposed design



T.545 is my biggest want, even over the Gnat.


Such as?

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) time!

  • CAC CA-18 Mk 21, 22 and 23
    License productions in Australia of the P-51D, the Mk 21 and Mk 22 used the American-built Packard V-1650-3 or V-1650-7 engine and the Mk 23 was powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin 66 or Merlin 70 engine.

  • CAC CA-27 Avon Sabre Mk 30 and 32
    Australian variant of the F-86F Sabre, redesigned and built by the CAC. The Mk 30 was powered by a license-built Rolls-Royce Avon RA.20 turbojet engine, while the Mk 32 had a license-built Rolls-Royce Avon RA.26 turbojet engine. Both variants of the Avon Sabre were armed with two 30mm ADEN cannons instead of the six 12.7mm machine guns found in the F-86F.
    Additionally the Mk 30 had leading edge slats, which were further extended for the Mk 32 variant. Last, but not least, the Mk 32 had underwing pylons allowing for the installation of AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles in addition to the usual four hardpoints for bombs, rockets and/or fuel tanks.

  • CAC CA-30 Macchi MB-326H
    MB-326Gs built by the CAC and Hawker Aircraft, equipped with improved avionics and designated as CA-30s

Somewhat of a selfplug but the P.1154 superosnic harrier would be a fun add got really far along development wise before the 1965 defence white paper nailed it


Hell yeah, Harrier with afterburner!

I didn’t realise it had started any significant construction, but if it fits Gaijin’s rule then GIMME…

Engine development was well under way and the wings and fuselage had started construction

In that case, I’d like it, given it would only have red-tops it could be 9.7 ish? Although then you are faced with the lack of flares on a hot engine, with all aspect missiles.

Yeah its a bit of a lightning but with more missiles and vtol

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Could it potentially make use of that countermeasure pod the Harrier GR.1 had the option of mounting?

I’d have to do some more research on proposed loadouts

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These things are tricky to find. Particularly when they haven’t been scanned in digitally.