Bringing back old events

Hello gaijin,
As a player i have been wanting to collect as many event vehicles as possible, but I have ran into an issue. They have started costing too much or are not for sale at all. Vehicles like the object 297 and pak puma are almost enough to buy a car (although it wouldnt be a super good one) which is insane. I also wish there was a way to bring back both event vehicles that you cant get anymore such as stumtiger, panther 2 and the is2 no321 with maybe convertible rp or something. Your game devs worked hard making the models and they are being left unused by the majority of the playerbase. Also vehicles from the battle pass that were not tickets such as the t55e1 just to add more variety into the game. I really care about this game and the people who play it and I think this would make the game appeal to even more people because everyone wants a sturmtiger or a funky mars rover


I would like to see them add it to these new events. I had two ideas.

A: some of the events will be for old event vehicles.

B: have them run alongside new vehicles. You grind the event and can choose the new or old vehicle


this sounds awesome. I would also like to maybe be able to research them with convertable rp

I wouldnt like that just due to how expensive it is to convert rp. If they are to be brought back, i want it to be done in a way that it is viable for most people.

Plus, if you didnt want to grind the event, it would be cheaper to buy the stages than to convert the rp.

I dont mean to buy it with the 45 ge just maybe 10000 a week that you can use on whatever vehicle