Bring Merkava MK2D back to 9.3?

It was fair at 9.3 why was it put up to 9.7 in the first place, 90% of it’s matches are now up tier, getting matched against much better armored opponents some with Era both who can pen me too easily anywhere they hit while I have to hit a specific angle to pen them, doesn’t sound fair at all, it needs to go back to 9.3.

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Step 1: be minor nation (not sweden)
Step 2: suffer

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Id fear nothing would change for Merkava if it was moved to 9.3.

Majority of uptiers are to 10.3 because of PzBtl+KVT spam. Which would still be within ±1.0 BR range of 9.3.

There are few 10.7 tanks (Bishma and T-90A come to mind) and fewer (if any) 10.7 lineups.

And beside lvl 0 in Bishmas, i dont think many people are uptiering russian 10.0/10.3 to 10.7 because of T-90As.

Bishma is also 10.3

Oh, my bad, i assumed its same as T-90A.

Well then moving merkava to 9.3 would solve even less.

It should be given M426.

I can’t understand why the hell Gal Batash, Magach 6C and Magach 7C can have M426 at 9.3, but Merkava Mk.2D, being virtually the same as Mk.1B/2B (its add-on armor adds nothing), is limited to M413 at 9.7.

Would at least lower the probability of getting up tiered 90% of the time.

Exactly so, it’s literally identical to its predecessors with the bit improved turret which literally makes no difference as you still get penned from it without much issues, also the shell is ironic, it has the identical gun but no access to the improved shell, just warthunder logic here xD

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I mean sure but wouldnt getting better shell while retaining its current BR be a better solution?

Both can be done and it would still be balanced, it’s armor is paper thin, any sabot will pen you with ease, at least in that scenario you will face more opponents who you can do the same to, then when you get up tiers which will become less common the improved shell comes in handy.

There are tanks with much worse armor when compared to Merkava 2D at 9.3 with the same/equivalent shell and they all do just fine.

Why should merkava 2D be handheld and recieve DM63 equivalent and at the same time be moved to 9.3?

Because those less armored vehicles compensate with high mobility, the Merkava on the other hand is relatively slow and has heavy movement therefore unlike those other vehicles it cannot compensate by flank-tactics.

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Doesnt need to. 105mm DM33 are more than enough to disable 10.7 T-90As frontally, albeit of course you need to go for weakspot.

105mm DM33, which is aviable to 9.3 tanks, actually has the same penetration as 120mm DM23, the main round of Leopard 2A4 at 10.3. Or you want to suggest leopard 2A4 is undergunned?

And its better than 10.3 Abrams.

Yes, Merkava is really slow, but it doesnt suffer in the firepower department when compared to its peers. It also has relatively better protection than likes of AMX-30, Leopard 1A5 and Type 74F.

Adding DM63 equivalent would be more than enough of a compensation for bad mobility that wouldnt warrant a decrease of BR.

9.3 is the most uptiered BR in the game, so it’s not really a solution.

Fair enough, so the solution is in giving it the upgraded round, hopefully they’re reading this post.

Im afraid not, but proper suggestion explaining as to WHY, it might.

Last year I tried to suggest double R-60 rack for SPS-K (back when it was 10.0) and I was told to make that suggestion on the bug report site.

Maybe try to browse how similiar suggestion regarding ammo are made and make your own?

Im sorry for offtopic but, u can post the documents about that?

I’ve only seen single illustration posted on an old forum.

That report didnt go anywhere because i didnt have proper sources back then and then job became more important, but im in talks with Lešany air museum, they have some technical documentation saying it had not only double racks but could use R-60Ms as well.