Bring back the engine sounds make maps bigger!

Over the years the engine sounds and track sounds have become quiter, and the maps become smaller.

This isnt fun, especially top tier where modern tanks are intended to engage at 1km and more.

Please gaijin stop pandering to the CoD commuity minded and bring back what made this game fun and engaging.

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?? You can turn up engine sounds. My gameplay relies heavily on sounds and no issues hearing tanks.

Maps should be larger for top tier, I agree.

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Yeahs sounds are completely toned down. To the point where a jet flying 100m above you will make 0 noise


You may be new, engine sounds have be completely toned down along with tracks noises.

My engine sounds are turned up except for my engine which are lowered.

Downloading sound mods always the best solution for me.

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I’ve actually played since closed beta. That said I have engine sounds turned all the way up and mine turned all the way down. I can hear people pretty far away which is a chief contributor to my success… Maybe its a speaker issue. I use headphones with DTS Spatial.

The only sound volume issues i’ve seen is aircraft being way to quiet.

Big maps can be good, the issue is that gaijin can’t design one well. Most are either very empty, very campy, or allow easy spawncamping.