Bring Back Original Normany, Jungle Maps!

I wanted to post my thorough disappointment over the retooling of the Normandy maps with the Sons of Attila update. This use to be one of my favorite areas, with topography and concealment that required some tactics to be successful. Lately, Gaijin seems interested only in creating perfectly balanced, hyper-symmetrical tournament maps for the twitch players. While this can be fun on occasion, the loss of maps with realistic terrain and unbalanced features makes for a bland, less immersive experience.

How about this: bring back the original Normandy and Jungle maps for Realistic Battles, and relegate the updated versions and the new tournament maps to Arcade Battles. That way both play styles are satisfied. 🤷‍♂️


mad you can’t hide (spaag) behind hill/bunker at Normandy at west spawn

I do not agree to Normandy, but the jungle is now terrible is I see this map is immediately a hangar, how could you spoil such a map it is terrible,It’s so hard to create a program where the community would create maps and the best goes to the game, and the winner has some benefits from the fact that he won, just like it was with the cockpit for he111-h16It’s so hard to create a program where the community would create maps and the best goes to the game, and the winner has some benefits from the fact that he won, just like it was with the cockpit for he111-h16.


They also suck in arcade!
Actually every one of the map updates are horrible. They should all just be reverted.


Mad I can’t sneak up on the campers hiding there. 😉

Sure, I get where you’re coming from. It’s frustrating when all the maps focus on urban warfare and fast-paced action, leaving no room for different tactics or hiding spots. It’s like the game designers have forgotten that not everyone wants to run and gun all the time. Some of us enjoyed the more strategic, open maps that allowed for a different gameplay.


On alot maps, interesting sections had been locked off with offmap timers. Also good spots and good position have been removed (blocking with rocks, placing of indestructable trees etc). Alot elevated positions have been removed as well. Like the cliff on one of the tunesian map. Now its a pure pit map, you’re helpless vs helis and low flying jets. They appear suddenly and you get no shooting opportunity, usually there always was a way to get you SPAA on a cliff for more overview, but now its just a pit and Ka-50 + Su-25 turkeyshot everything inside.

These dumbed down maps are especially bad in high tier. There are huge, vulnerable units like these AA trucks, and there’s no way to somehow hide them. They’re so big and so high that always something is visible across the whole map. No mountain you can bunker down behind. No deep enough sections. Also the limited map sizes make you get spotted with thermals everywhere and then you get shot. Meh.


I think that the instructions given to the people responsible for implementing the map changes are: “Tedious, monotonous, simplified”.


I rather like the changes.

Well then as I’ve said in other threads, they should use the revised maps on the AB side and keep the originals for RB missions. That way everyone is happy. 🙂


Why in the world do you think arcade players want the “new” maps?

Fields of Normandy : another map added to the “quit at start” list
Normandy : quit if already started


Every map changed in this update has been made worse.

Hahaha well we gotta segregate this somehow!! 😂

My thinking is we get Gaijin to relegate the new maps to AB play and keep the old ones for RB.

Could you tolerate slower climbs and hidden enemies to get the old maps back?

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Yes. The game literally has a mechanic that shows you where the enemy that shot you was at the time.

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Except uhh, I find the new maps to be way better? They added cover to spawns and tried to even out the map so that both teams have an equal chance to win… how is that not good?

And when they just hold their fire and wait for you to exit the spawn protection then spawnkill you anyway and don’t get marked?

The hill was obviously just bad as it allowed you to shoot into enemy spawn, as is the standard in this game for some reason.
Why it took 8 years for something to be done is also questionable.

That’s an entirely subjective thing. Some people like open maps, other like close-quarters.

Instead of addressing specific issues, they are completely abandoning an entire playstyle and changing open maps to be close-quarters. Alienating a significant part of your playerbase cannot end well.

Not only did they completely change the nature of the maps, they dumbed them down, eliminating a variety of strategies to use, funnelling people into limited options.

When you’ve been playing for years on the same maps, trust me, you want some variety.

Absolutely some changes were needed, but effectively they amputated all limbs to treat a pimple on the butt.


Instead of providing some cover for that spawn, to accommodate people too stupid to use the other spawn or smoke they completely changed the nature of the map.

This has eliminated long sight lines and forces closer engagements. Guess which nation does best when it comes to close engagements due to its incredible armour and non-exploding ammunition?