Bring back [Operation] Korea and some "old" maps in games with BR9.0 and lower BR

The current map rotation in the BR 7.7+ game is pretty boring and most of the maps we get when we play on those aircraft are Vietnam or City, Pyrenees, Spain.

Spain is not bad map imo but, the City suffers from awful FPS drops for some players when they see buildings near the center of the map. Also, the Pyrenees is a high altitude map, which is a pain for aircraft with poor high-altitude performance, such as the Sabre and Hunter.

In 10.3BR to 12.0, I don’t see any issues for these maps, but in the range of Korean War era subsonic jet BRs such as 7.3 to 9.0, the current maps should be replaced by maps that were once quite common, such as Korea and Preparation for landing on Hokkaido.


It seems that Afghanistan and El Alamein are back, but Afghanistan is one of the worst maps for early jets and Korean War era jets due to its altitude.