Bring back old base respawn time. Spading bombers is impossible at present

Spading higher tier bombers is impossible given everything alongside them carries bombs and reaches bases faster. Bring back the old timer so there’s even a slim chance of getting this shit done.


spading anything that is 11.0+ is almost impossible these days, i don’t know who thought Stock grinding was such a good day like okay you want stock grind? have stock grind but make it balanced currently it’s hard for no reason. and it actually leads to p2w growing more and more each day such a stupid company that has 0 knowledge about making a game. the only thing they know how to do is make money out of Player’s pockets.

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As AirRB works today bombers are useless anyway, so why spade them?

The only reason to bomb bases in AirRB is to farm personal ressources.
There is no effect at all to the battle except weakening the team.

They aren’t going to bring back the fast spawn time for bases. It was unintended for the timer to be so short to begin with.