Bring back markers for friendly ground targets?

Its so stupid to randomly shoot own ground units or enemy, when there is no airplane or bomber to shoot at. How about bringin back ally markers so dont need to shoot with dice own ppl so much?


At least for friendlies . . . I agree

The main purpose is to reduce the likelihood of fighters targeting ground vehicles such as light tanks or open tops, since the only thing they can see is another air target, this encourages them to always take out other aircraft such as bombers so it reduces the likelihood of ground targets getting bombed. Once you open that up you are more likely to get an enemy fighter who machinegun kamikaze dive into your light tank because it’s easy to tell which one with a nametag, and THAT IS ANNOYING bro. If they couldn’t tell which one was the enemy, they were less likely to shoot blind.

If there is nothing then just J out and get back to your tank?

Ahhhh, lazy pilots. Gaijin should take planes away from GA. This marker thing has done basicly no change for tank/ground vehicle players, only planes fly (sometimes) one pass before attack to find targets. Should not be too hard. Before it was targets in gold plate, now it’s only silver plate.

Just another “gaijinery” …

Since the recent change eliminating ground vehicle markers in GAB (from a plane’s point of view), has anyone actually managed to kill a ‘friendly’ tank with cannon fire? (yes, I know it’s possible with rockets & bombs - done that a couple of times before)

While flying fighters in GAB, I’ve accidentally targeted tanks on my own team a couple of times (and yes, I did feel like an idiot), but I didn’t actually destroy them - I only got the “if you continue to attack your own team, Gaijin will bend you over their knee for a good spanking” message.

Ive been in receiving end of that fire and lost most of my crew from open SPA for example. Should try this with strikecraft 30-70mm cannons if they can kill friendly :D?