Bring back M18 in BR 5.7

It’s not fast enough to justify being within 0.3 BR of a tank that is better in nearly every way (the M41), reverse gear matters 0%, the targeting speed is nothing special, and the pen is garbage for the tanks it has to face.

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The ones that didnt get that HP boost should go down, though.

I checked your stats and your results with M18 are 51 deaths and only 11 kills…sorry but the problem is not the Hellcat.


Damn it you where faster ^^


Same for the Single HE round for M-18,… you boy say things that are not even applicable.

The M18 is honestly fine as-is.

The premium with the weaker engine, that could stand to drop a bit.

And rest in pieces to the Super Hellcat initially getting its engine buffed and then re-nerfed soon after. The confusion stems from the fact that Murica made pre-production prototypes of the Super Hellcat on both hull models of the M18.

Personally I would sooner see the premium one keep the planned re-nerf, and add a Super Hellcat with the current 460hp engine to the tech tree between the 6.0 M18 and the 7.0 T95.

To fill the gap between the 3.3 M10 and the 6.0 M18, we need the T49 GMC, the “Baby Hellcat” with the 57mm M1 cannon.


Im saying armor is irrelevant for both tanks. Meaning its basically all up to mobility and firepower. And the M18 has much better mobility with a great gun.

Also the M8A1 for tech tree, even though its a premium atm. (Please it would fit so well)

I don’t think the M8A1 exactly could be tech tree, but similar machines such as the M38 Wolfhound 6x6 armored car fitted with an M24 Chafee turret would fit the same bill.

Also, there’s a funny 4x4 Jeep with a rear-mounted 57mm M1, so it would be an Archer, but fast.

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I need this thing rn, this would be hilarious.

I wasn’t insulting German mains. I was saying that just because a player can perform well in a vehicle doesn’t mean that the BR is justified.

Just because the M18 can take out Tiger IIs doesn’t mean it should be 6.7.

If anything, you have shown that the M18’s BR was not the issue.

I can’t think of anything at 4.3 or 4.7 that would have trouble against it. Even most rank 1s can frontpen it iirc (aside from France and Italy). Most SPAA can also shed it pretty quick. It’s also worth noting I hadn’t seen any complaints about the M18 b4 it was moved to 6.0, so im sure it was moved up soley because Gajin’s algorithms said so.

I don’t think the snail is finished with its changes yet. It’s a bit like politics. Many small steps … Always wait and see how big the outcry is and then move on. I’m just waiting for the Tiger II H to be upgraded to 7.0 … very nasty and I don’t want it. But my gut is sounding the alarm.
I see the biggest advantage with the M18 on 6.0 for new players who should spend more time learning, especially in the 4.7 range. They won’t be constantly smoked out by the very good players.
I don’t want to say that it was necessary to raise the M18 to 6.0. You can do it, but you don’t have to thing. I’m more pissed off about the Chinese M41A3 that they pulled from 5.0 to 5.3. That thing is not easy with APBC as it is …

Your gut is 100% wrong.
M18 to 6.0 was coming, it’s a potent light tank, and one that hands out nukes surprisingly easily.

doesn’t mean they should ruin America’s 5.7 lineup just to nerf an already balanced tank.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life, it’s that you should never say never. And I would always agree that the M18 is awesome. Even where it is now.

The bigger issue is the lack of a 6.0 American Lineup.

Ruin? lol
You still have 2 Jumbos, 2 normal Shermans, T1E1, and M36B2.
Any combination of those + an aircraft will fill the 5 free crew slots even removing the premium Jumbo from that list.

M18, M4/T26, M4A3E8, M36B2… not the most prevalent, but still strong.
Granted, America’s 6.7 lineup is the best in the game.

1 Jumbo
1 M36B2

3 extremely slow M18s
a mimic heavy tank that should be 5.0

Amazing lineup