Bring back aircrafts that was removed from TT in version 1.37?

Not sure peoples still remember these vehicles but, when Gaijin switched to “Rank V” system from “20 Tier” system in TT, some vehicles are get removed from TT.

They are almost identical to vehicles that can still be researched currently, so they were all removed from the TT for redundancy. However, all of them are actually exist unlike Panther II and Chinese PT-76 also, not hard to balance like Maus and Po-2.

IMO, S.M.79s doesn’t need to bring back because we already have Italian TT but, other vehicles should be regularly researchable like Maus because version 1.37 was literally released over 10 years ago and most players playing currently don’t have them.


You aren’t missing out on anything. They are all copy pastes of unremarkable aircraft. Their flight models are identical to the current tech tree versions. They were removed due to the unnessesary bloat they added to these lines, and that part hasn’t really changed. The only noteworthy thing is the Ki-10-II C’s neat autumn camo.


So why not bring them back now that TT has been significantly reorganized in 2023? If you are not interested in that vehicle, you can literally skip it and research other vehicles. Also, unlike the OG Tu-2 and P-39Q-15, there were opportunities for players who didn’t join CBT. IIRC, Gladiator Mk IIS was available once who joined in an event or something after 1.37.

BTW, other aircrafts has cool camoflages like Finnish airforce and PLAAF SB 2M.


Immediately forgets that the Ki-10IIC aka the original helicopter could vertically climb and remain at the same speed without issue. It wasn’t taken out of redundancy nor copy and paste it was simply taken out cause Gaijin couldn’t figure how to fix it.

Adding to the Tech tree no. However, bringing them back in some way to obtain it would be nice. I rather not see them back in the TT permanently rather if part of occasional events. This way those who obtained it so long ago still have them fair and square, however those who never did have a chance to obtain them.

That’s the way I would like to see them.

btw, Gaijin already fixed helicopter flight model bugs as far as I know.

Still broken. They can “Fix” the Ki-10-II-C as much as they want but it still vertically climbs incredibly well. If it doesn’t you just need a shallow angle that still allows it to climb

I have friend who has Ki-10 IIC and he told me it can’t climb at 90 degrees in AAB anymore.

I press X to doubt but alright.

I concur on wanting to see these return even if they’re very mildly different from their TT brethren ntm I missed out on most of these aircraft iirc I only have one which I think is the He 51 (I think I remember seeing some of them in the TT’s back in 2014 yet never bohhered to research them).

In a similar vein there’s a MTB I still wish to see readded that hasn’t returned since CBT, The Italian MS-74 Series 2 which even had it’s own dev blog back in 2017.

The difference was a german flakvierling on the stern but was deemed ahistorical (not like they don’t have several hodgepodge ahistorical messes in game) but you can find footage of it on youtube.

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Well, I think there are many ways to get them back like bring back the old game with a limited time event using a different server and a different client, as WoT used to do in 2019, and give the deleted vehicles in the current live server with progress in old game server.

I think they should be added back in some regard just for simulation’s sake and the fact some ppl like to collect