Bring back air spawn for jet bombers

As in title, bring back air spawns for bombers because they are even more painfull to play for example vautour ffs at least move it to rank V


They should bring back the airspawn for a lot of planes, Buccaneer S.2 included


Nah, I like my matches lasting longer than 2 minutes.
And I like the bombers being a lower BR than they use to be.

Remove airspawn altogether so that planes can be getting the BR which they deserve, not the BR that they get because of efficiency solely gained by an airspawn.

Give the strategic bombers a PVE game mode to bomb stuff while creating some engaging environment where they get attacked by AI and have some AI to escort them and have clear (and rewarding) targets, as they quite frankly have zero use in ARB anyway


I agree with removing airspawns. But the match timers should go up to 1hr again and maps to be the enduring confrontation maps with high speed respawn rate bases. That would definitely be enough to let bombers function in warthunders current game system. There is no need to remove us bomber mains completely from the main air rb. Since we do still matter and want to still matter.