Bring back account transfer!

for the past year the option to transfer a PS4 account to PC has been closed. I really doubt that there is still a high volume of transfer requests considering IT HAS BEEN A YEAR!! The entire reason that i have this account is because I cannot transfer my old one. And now the 180 days of premium for $20 is back and it is for PC users only, I cannot express my desire to transfer my account enough; please reopen it


it wont happen lmao i dont know when gayjen did something good


You can always get the 365 days of premium with the GE with 50% discount in game, and if you got any of the discounted packs on PS Store you can also use that “discounted” GE from the packs, something that PC players can’t do since their WT packs sale only starts after the end of the in game premium sale.

I was a former PS4 player and one of the first to transfer their account to PC, I did it on the first day it was available and I hope you get a chance to do it in the future.


my ass there is no future gay jen not letting us ur the lucky one we are left here to be rotton

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They do it at least twice a year. It’s done manually so it requires a lot of work. They open it when they finish the last line of requests.


Hello (first post here btw despite being a player for years), so when exactly is this performed? When do they open the requests? Can I just send a ticket and eventually it will be processed? Because I would love to use the Gaijin Market now that I have 1) a good PC and 2) a stable income.
So much time has passed, and now many ex-PS4 players have become… financially stable, so to speak.
Thank you.


I skipped the upgrade from the next generation of consoles right to the PC, The two things that really bother me is that i have to turn on my console to purchase the packs i want to buy and the premium time from those packs ill never get to use because its locked on to the console version.
(120 Days of Premium Wasted Since i mostly play on the Computer now).

With the recent 11th Birthday i bought a year of premium on the computer but i still want the ability to use the gaijin market in future. This would really make me play more especially with all the roadmap changes they have implemented this would be a big thumbs up from the community.

For those who might not know, Linked Accounts mean there on separate clients i have my account linked to the PC version but only able to use what the PS4 client has to offer. If i buy GL and PE it wont transfer over which is pretty much a waste of money at that point.

Any updates on getting the account transfer to PC back on? @gromvoiny could please provide us any updates? Thanks.

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Yes, some of us PSN players who want to transfer are being very polite and patient. We would really like to be able to transfer our accounts sometime in 2024. The new forum does not have any official post about transferring PSN account to PC so unless you open up the official website page about it being closed and see if it is open every single day there is no other way to be notified?


I just sent a request on gaijin website asking some news about this topic, I don’t play on ps4 anymore and currently im playing on PC, its a shame that gaijin doesn’t do anything about this but I will keep insisting, and I think you guys should do it too.

Pretty sure account transfer got disabled for Xbox as well.

Anybody have an update? Been waiting since i missed the last transfer. tired of not being able to buy planes for their value

I feel they have no interest in providing this service again. The reason for that is because they haven’t given and estimated date when they might have the service back up or taking request ahead of time so to get in a line

Transfer is open now: Transfer PlayStation account to PC – Gaijin Support

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I’d really like the ability to merge my alpha account with my Steam account… It’s so annoying that a new account was created and I’ll never have my alpha stuff back.

They haven’t accepted request for account transfers for almost 2 years. That just tells you how to do it. It does not mean they are accepting the applications. Because they’re not.

Dude, did you really decide to argue with me instead of checking for yourself? I’ve already sent a request for account transfer and it was approved, the procedure takes up to 2 days.

After transferring your account to a PC, you can link it to Steam (if you do not have another War Thunder account linked to your Steam account).

Nah, it may have been slightly off topic. I had an OG account for PC. When I came to Steam, it created a whole new account (not what I wanted). I was never able to link the two together. So now I have a very old account with progress in the original tree and a new account with a lot more progress. I also had the original bonus vehicles which I wish I could transfer 😭