Bring back account transfer!

DUDE no one was arguing with you. Just letting you know what was going on with the info that Gajin had available at the time. I have over a year of premium time that I’m not going to toss away. So why would I check? Also there has been no announcement from the dev team that it’s back on. Announcement was posted 7 min after my first post

I can also confirm what he said. I was told by the support team that they were being offered again. It also doesn’t say they aren’t processing them on the Xbox transfer page anymore.

Do I have to post the picture? The GAIJIN support team told me directly. As in a Gaijin employee told me that the transfers were back. They probably aren’t annoucing it so they don’t get 100 thousand messages about it in a 3 day span.

I didn’t say I didn’t believe you. This has to do with them posting console news in other areas that are not the news feed. Like the announcement for the sale on xbox that was announced under the support section.

Also found this.

Literally turned back on yesterday.

No, you can’t. You will have to play via launcher.

I tried doing it and followed the instructions but there isn’t even an option to put in my email like it said : (

Please use this topic

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