Bring back 3 cap. version of Port Novorossiysk

After the map changes a lot of good maps are not playable again and the list of fun maps is smaller, this version was removed in October with “Kings of the Battle” update.

This map is not bad at all, and the actual available version are much worse, so why not bring back again???


This was objectively one of the worst maps in the game.

But unlike every other blind corner labyrinth it was so bad it was funny


Yes, is funny how old bad maps are infinitive times better than the new ones.


I strongly disagree, this map was horrendously bad even at low BR’s and its problems got exacerbated the higher battleratings went.

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I disagree, for low ranks this map is “good” i obtain very funny battles between 3.3 to 7.7 un this map, and right now we have even more smaller and worst variants, so…

Lower one is so garbage that there is no point spawning lol

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This one and White Rock Fortress please. That would be great IMO.