BR Of PTL02 and WMA301

ptl02 and wma301 were known for low br but high definition thermal before. but since they all went to 8.7, it was all a thing of the past. however, these two vehicles are facing another problem now: their br are too high if they go to 9.0. compared with type16(p) that will also go to 9.0, ptl02 and wma301 are slower, have much less armor, higher hull that are more easily get hit, worse gun depression, and even don’t have commander control, which is very important for vehicles that can be penetrate by .50 gun. what’s more, ptl02 still don’t get her drone yet. the only advantage of ptl02 is a better gun than type16, but m735 shell is good enough at 9.0, since xm1 at 9.3 is still using it. in conclusion, i think a br of 9.0 will be too high for ptl02 and wma301, especially when compared with other similar vehicles. they need to stay at 8.7 instead of go to 9.0.

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8.7 is way too low for them, they’re perfectly capable at 9.0 and higher.

WMA301 was suppose to be moving from 8.7-9.0 in the BR changes

But the Rooikat 105 is also suppose to be moving up from 9.0-9.3. Why these 2 premiums are different BRs has never made any sense to me, and it doesnt look like its moving from 8.7 - 9.0 because of balances reasons, but isntead because everything is moving up 1 bracket

just play them for few battles, and you’ll find that you are wrong and agree that they should stay at 8.7

I do play them, and 8.7 is too low.

they’re weaker. and ptl02 don’t even have a drone. just like, there’re two kinds of apples, they have same price, but one kind is better than another, it’s unfair; and you want to raise the price of apple, and you still raise them all at the same time by the same price, it’s just unreasonable.

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don’t lie. you haven’t play any Chinese vehicle, at least on this account.

Centauro is superior to both of them.
Type 16 is FAR superior to both of them.

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Excuse me? You clearly didn’t check hard enough.

Yes, and those tanks are also too low.

but i can’t see this on gaijin’s app?that’s weird

I still hate the WMA301, worst wheeled vehicle I’ve used for its BR, and a regretful purchase.
Doesn’t help Type 96 came the update after I purchased it.
But I did force myself through it and earn more SL than money I put in.

but at least ptl02 should be lower br than type16.

There’s like 5 other players with similar names, three of them spelled the same, just different lettercase.

that’s the problem of my Internet XD

gaijin’s app don’t show if it’s loading or not

Yes, the Type 16s are pretty low for some reason. Same with the Centauros. They definitely should be higher than the WMA/PTL.

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Its very map dependent, shines in the long distances. Once they ditched the tiny maps like ash river and Karelia from high tier, became a lot more consistent.